Time flies…!

An year has completed without Salman, though it was completed in October but if we talk about whole year.. it ends here.. ends today.. maybe just when I publish this post the calender turns to 2011..

I couldn’t think of a day without him.. and today I have survived for whole one year.. maybe I will survive for some more years.. but life isn’t the same..

If I talk about 2010, how it went.. what I did, what I lose, what I got.., its full of happiness, sadness, excitement.. etc!

In 2010 FaiTh got registered with Thalassemia National Federation and Thalassemia International Federation, spread awareness to millions of people across the globe via interviews, posts, articles, arranged successful camps. Last but not the least won two awards 🙂

In 2010 I made many new friends, Ammar, Ibrahim, Beenish top the list, did so many craziest things with them 🙂 guys love you for that.. I wish I would have met you with Salman, he would have loved your company too..

In 2010 I learnt to do things on my own.., learnt to install wordpress, learnt to take care of hosting/domains, the things which Salman was used to take care.. I never knew I would have to do it.. I can’t do the way he used to.. but am still learning 🙂

In 2010 I tried to be my mom’s son.., a beta with whom she can share her problems, her financial crisis, her sadness, her happiness, in short everything..

In 2010 I started earning, yes.. Alhamdulillah.. earning 🙂 I wish Salman was here to see his Panda working hard to make her family life awesome! 🙂

In 2010 I saw many ups and down, got to know real faces of some people, met many new people, got inspired by many great people.., started taking extra care of myself 🙂

2010 comes to an end now.., it has given me a lot, taught me a lot, I wish coming year mine and everyone’s life get more easier, comfortable and happy… ameen…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year :)!

IMHO stalking can be avoided..!


I used to be very much concerned till few years back when I was stalked by few people at different timing, now I don’t give a damn.

IMHO stalking can be avoided, yes. How? Read what I think 🙂

While going for the transfusion on Monday I saw a school van with a single girl sitting on the edge of the bench, as the girl smiled I saw a bike stalking van, in my opinion if girl doesn’t smile then they would definitely change their way. Smile give them courage to go further.

I was stalked by a man while on walk in a garden, he tried to follow me everywhere, as the garden was big and kind of maze, I dodged him and changed the way, he couldn’t trace me then.. I guess that was the smart trick I used.

This wasn’t first time for me, an year ago while I was coming back with mom, a guy stalked me till my area.., changed the way when he saw ‘no lift’ board from me 🙂

Another incident where I really got scared was, when I went for radio interview all alone, an uncle started stalking me, I told cab driver to drop me at the exact point and doesn’t leave me on road, he couldn’t understand why I said that, upon paying fare to him I told him a car was stalking us, he got angry.., he told me that I should have tell him this before… so that he could have teach him a lesson. Anyways, because of getting on exact point by taking long route made him clear that he have to change his way and am not that type of girl 🙂

There are certain times I saw car stopping at bus stops where a girl is standing alone or with some other girls.., like God forbid those girls were really waiting for them.., if they see no response they rush their car to another point.

I wonder when they will be decent human beings? I feel sorry for girls who daily have to face such harassment, I feel sorry for girls who smile at such losers. This is from where they get enough courage to carry on their evil works.

May Allah be always with us! and give hidayat to the lost ones 🙂