Thalassemia Free New Year : Results

As you all might have known FAiTh celebrated New Year and Quaid-e-Azam anniversary by conducting Blood Drive and Screening Camp.

So its time to announce the results, 25 people decided to attend the event, all of them were tested for Thalassemia, 5 were suspected, 1 has been confirmed as Thalassemia Minor, 16 people donated blood and not to forget all the donors were cleared with diseases like HbsAg, HCV, HIV,VDRL & MP!

Am sure these people would have started New Year with a satisfaction that they are aware of their Thalassemia status! 🙂

I would like to specially thank PYR Karachi Chapter to be the part of event, to support our cause, in short for everything 🙂

inshaAllah we will keep conducting such Blood Drives and Screening Camps, if you want to attend, stay tune 🙂

Event Photos : Here