It’s been quiet a long time I have updated blog.. there’s so much going on in life.. so many ups and downs.. sadness.. happiness.. so much of happenings!

It’s been more than 12 years for Nauman bhai.. 5 years for dad and it will be 3rd year without Salman.. how badly I miss them.. I can’t define in words.. how badly I want them by my side I can’t define..

I have been trying to stay strong for so long.. I have been trying to handle everything.. I have been trying to act like a son for mom.. but how badly I want dad and brothers to be here is something I can’t tell..

This is one such fact I can’t change… you all must be thinking how much I cry =/ and when do I write something cheerful..

I don’t.. I don’t write anything cheerful.. I just write whatever I wish and want to..

Writing after so long time.. I feel writer block badly!

Prayers needed..