An year ago on 23rd March we saw her vomiting blood.. rushed her to the hospital.. she was diagnosed with chronic liver disease.. we were told she hardly have 2 years.. remain hospitalized for 6 days and came back home on her feet on 30th March..

Since then she kept on getting hospitaized on and off.. she was on medications.. but we were hopeful.. we were hopeful that mom is a fighter and she will get over this disease with the help of Allah’s blessing..

June 25th 2013 – she was feeling shortness of breath.. we took her to emergency with the thought that she will be back to us again.. remained in ICU, got back in ward for 48 hours and then again was taken to ICU because of breathing issue and deteriorating pressures etc.. by then she was unconcious.. wasn’t speaking a word.. all silent.. sleeping..

We were called in ICU and doctor broke this news that Allah knows how many breath she has.. we must take her in room and spend time with her as much as possible.. we requested them to stable her breath and pressure.. we asked them to arrange a room..

With struggle of 48 hours we were supposed to get a room at 4PM on 2nd July but I guess Allah made a room for her in Heaven and she was called to meet Creator on 2nd July 4PM

I met her on 27th June, the last talk we had will always remain a question for me.. she was inquiring me if am upset with her? [tum mujh se naraz ho na..?]

I couldn’t understand why did she think like that.. I holded her hand.. kissed forehead.. and said why you think I like that? [aap aisa kyun soch rahi hain?]

On that she said, I think so.. [mujhe lagta hay..]

I smiled and didn’t say a word.. ammi.. now am naraz with you.. why did you leave us all alone in this cruel world? I know you were missing Salman a lot.. you wanted to meet him.. and am sure you all must be in Heaven, enjoying the luxuries and you must be happy to meet Salman, Bhai & dad..

Ammi, we miss you..