Blood Donation

Visited Fatimid Foundation after so long on 30th January… Depressed to see all the condition there… how can people be so arrogant with patients..?

So much of blood shortage… Patients with 2-3 gram hemoglobin have to wait a week for their blood transfusion… Highly disappointed…

My mom & dad has been organizing blood camp for thalassemia children when me, Salman and Noman bhai were so young, they knew the pain of a thalassemia child, they knew how it feels when a child have to be dependent on other’s blood for their live.

After mom & dad and after losing Noman bhai we decided to organize blood camps on our own, we started to take care of camps etc but we were really taken back when people didn’t take interest, we literally had to beg people for blood donations.

After Salman I used to take 5-10 friends of mine to thalassemia centers and they used to donate every 4th month happily, they still do. I stopped organizing blood camps because of people behavior; I couldn’t beg them for blood donation…

But today here I am again, to beg for those thalassemia patients who can’t afford treatment at Aga Khan, who can’t arrange donor every time they need transfusion and who can’t pay screening cost…

If you are a student and you can organize a blood camp in your college or university, let me know.

If you are in a political party and you can organize a blood camp in your area, let me know.

If you are running a factory/company and you can organize a blood camp there please let me know.

You don’t have to pay for anything, all you have to give space to a thalassemia center & donors, if you can convince your fellows, friends, relatives, employees, workers please do so…

Your blood help save thalassemia child’s life! They look at others with a hope to continue their lives. A single bag of blood help saves 3 lives!

And it is in the Quran “And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”

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