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I have been writing for thalassemia patients, their needs, treatment, sponsorship, donation and Alhamdulillah with amazing friends/donors I have been able to do A LOT for thalassemia in past 3 years.

It is indeed great when on a single status/tweet/email SO many donors come forward and help our thalassemia fellows. Alhamdulillah currently we are sponsoring more than 10 thalassemia patients with the help of our generous donors, I really can’t thank enough my donors & Allah for the trust and support.

Am sure a lot of you now know about thalassemia and its treatment, along with regular blood transfusion patient needs to get iron chelation to get rid of excess iron they get from blood transfusion, if they don’t get iron chelation they won’t be able to live healthy life and due to that we have lost many thalassemia fellows till now.

For iron chelation there are 2 treatments, first is injection desferal and second is tablets ferriprox/asunra/exjade etc. I have got to know Civil Patient Welfare is providing Asunra/Exjade for free of cost to the patients who can’t afford. And that is mashaAllah definitely a good cause they are doing with the help of city government but sadly they are not providing injection desferal which is LOT more cheaper than Asunra/Exjade.

A lot of patients have approached me to get them desferal injection because Asunra/Exjade/Ferriprox has LOTS of side effects and not suitable for many patients while desferal injection is suitable for everyone and doesn’t have side effects like other drugs.

I wasn’t taking any request for injection desferal since a patient who is on desferal needs at least 80 vials per month which costs around 10400/- PKR. And there are many patients who have approached me till now, I have turned them down. But I guess I can’t turn them down anymore.

Injection Desferal costs around 130/- per vial, if you can donate for the cause please let us know, you don’t need to sponsor any kid for whole month, but at least few hundreds per month wouldn’t be much of burden. If you want to donate directly to the thalassemia centers, let me know I will provide you details & if you send me donation I will buy the desferals and hand over to needy patients OR I will donate it on your behalf in thalassemia centers.

Please remember iron chelation is as important as safe blood transfusion for thalassemia patients, if a patient won’t get iron chelation they will not be able to survive… if any of you want more information about iron chelation or thalassemia please let me know, I would LOVE to give details.

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  1. my wife is thelasemia intermedia. she has a high ferritin level and docters have prescribed asunra . now in market 400 mg asunra is for Rs 9500 and its to high can someone tell me how to get asunra for lowprices or may be even for free.

    my number is 03329120422

  2. Aoa mam ayesha my daughter is alsi thalessemia major she is 4 years using asunra but its very expesive can i start desphorl

  3. AOA My Maid son is thelasemia patient, He need asunra . Is their any NGO/person providing this medicine free of cost. She cannot afford it.
    She is in Lahore.
    My Number # 0345-8599375

  4. I need asunra tablets for my niece . is there any center in Peshawar providing free of cost. Or some reasonable price.
    My contact. 03048288487

  5. Osveral is newly inducted in the market price per tablet is 200 , 500 mg , it is readily available in big medical stores . Salt is same like ausurna ,

  6. AOA request to all brother’s and sisters please help me for asunra 400mg just 2pack … Peshawar 03139620496

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