Rashan Distribution

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Alhamdulillah with the blessings of Ramadan we have managed to distribute rashan at Fatimid Foundation Hyderabad to our thalassemia fellows.

Our choto car was loaded with the rashan and left Karachi for Hyderabad at 10:30AM but I guess Allah had some other plans for us, our car’s radiator busted at Nooriabad. Got another one and just after a while it was busted too.

Somehow managed to reached Fatimid Foundation, distributed rashan and left back for Karachi with faulty radiator 🙂 but Alhamdulillah our Creator never leaves HIS creation in trouble, we reached back safely Alhamdulillah.

Rashan & Eidi distribution for our fellow thalassemia is still on, inshaAllah soon we will try to reach to our fellows in Khairpur & Rashidabad..