Standard treatment..

Standard treatment guideline ke mutabiq #Thalassemia major ki hemoglobin 10 grams aur Ferritin under 1000 per maintain karne se un ki growth mutasir nahi hoti, normal lougon ki tarah woh jee sakte hain, kaam kar sakte hain, shadi ker sakte hain, bache paida kar sakte hain.. but..

Hamare Pakistan mein.. mein ne boht hi kam aise apne fellows dekhe hain jo apni hemoglobin 10 per maintain kar pate hain.. jin ka ferritin 1000 ke under ho.. 99% hamare thalassemia centers un ki hemoglobin 10 pe maintain hi nahi kar patey.. na hi ferritin kam karne mein un ki khaas madad kar patey hain..

Nateeja? deform howi bones, abnormal growth, hormonal issues, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, in the end iron overload heart per and you are gone..

Pata nahi kab yeh issues end ho paye gen..

I wish I wasn’t..

I wish I wasn’t thalassemia major and could donate blood for others, whenever there’s a need of blood donor or whenever we arranged a blood camp I always secretly wished that I could have donated blood if I wasn’t thal major.. I always want to donate blood and know how it feels to help save a life.

But I know there are many people who donate blood whenever there’s a need and because of them we #thalassemia major survive.. big thanks to each of you.

Since Facebook has introduced this new feature I feel it will be now more helpful for me and for thalassemia fellows to search for blood donors in our cities.

If you are a blood donor or if you are someone who can donate blood but never did before please do visit this link and become a blood donor so that whenever there’s a need, you would be able to help someone like me  ==>

For all the thalassemia fellows, whenever there is a need for blood simply visit this link, create a post describing which blood group you need, when and where.. all the blood donors of same blood group will be notified ==>

Again a BIG THANKS to all the wonderful blood donors & Facebook for introducing this feature 💕💕💕