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Blood Banks..

I was just watching another episode of Rangey Hath on GEO, it was on blood banks.., just like their first episode they opened the viewer’s eyes with a deadly truth.. Arfeen Mirza no doubt is a super genious girl, she has once again come up with the most important thing, which is already in Government’s eyes but it still needs a boost!

Many of us face such incidents that we have to go and buy blood for our uncle/aunty/brother/sister/mom/dad or anyone who need blood immediately, we don’t even check whether its right or its expired, we leave this thing on doctors to check the details..

The thing which is hidden in blood sticker can not be even seen by an expert doctors, in the episode they showed activities of 3 or 4 illegal blood banks which are situated in Karachi, & few doctors of Karachi.

No-one can think that doctors can be involved in such activities, but no-one can know anyone by his face too.., they showed the way they remove old sticker and put a new one with thier own blood bank name and with a new issue date of blood and expiry date :S they even change expire date :|! Horrible! this can take someone’s life, but who cares? they get 500+ for a bottle!, what else they want?, doctors are getting commission on giving the extra bottles they get from the patient’s family at operation time, they ask for 4 or 5 bottles and they use 2 or 3 in operation, 1 or 2 spare bottles are not given back to family but they store it and give it back to the blood banks and take money for it.. :S GosH! no-one can ever ever think so negative, but they are doing it!!, Government is taking action against them, Lets see what does the government do this time.

Friends, before taking blood from any blood bank PLEASE make sure that its a registered blood bank under government, And PLEASE people don’t play with other’s lives!

may Allah be always with all of you..
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

One Click..

Hmm, I have always been thinking that how can I help my brother in his good cause.., he never asked for my help, never :), let me tell you about his good cause, as many of us know that he owns Thalassemia.Com.Pk, and he have some google banners on his site which pays him some cents on Users’s click, At the end of the month or 2 months Google gather that cents and sends Salman (my brother) a cheque which he cash and gives to needy people, he has been doing this from 3 years, but few months ago he couldn’t continue Website for few days.. he doesn’t spend money on his domains & hosting, he is a proffesional webmaster, whatever he earns he try to spend on Site and needy patients, this time he brought a short url for the site which is TFPak.Com – Thalassemia Free Pakistan :), I think not only me, all you should come and help him, nahi? Then why waiting 😉

Just visit Thalassemia.Com.Pk OR TFPak.Com & click on the banner, voila 🙂 you have just earn a good deed ;)!!!

Its easy, earning good deeds wasn’t easy.. heh, now you can help Needy Patients by just clicking 🙂

Well, this is just my Smallest try for Salman, I hope he continues working for the Needy Patients and the people around us 🙂 and I pray that Allah bless him with health, wealth and everything he wish!

may Allah bless you all!
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!


میر ادا جعفری کی یہ غزل مجھے بہت سے بھی زیادہ پسند ہے۔امید ہے آپ کو بھی اچھی لگے گی۔ ویسے یہ میری پہلی پوسٹ ہے اردو میں۔!!!۔یہ فخر تو حاصل ہے برے ہیں کہ بھلے ہیں
دو چار قدم ہم بھی تیرے ساتھ چلے ہیں

جلنا تو چراغوں کا مقدر ہے ازل سے
یہ دل کے کنول ہیں کہ بجھے ہیں نا جلے ہیں

تھے کتنے ستارے کہ سر شام ہی ڈوبے
ہنگام سحر کتنےہی خورشید ڈھلے ہیں

جو جھیل گئے ہنس کے کڑی دھوپ کے تیور
تاروں کی خنک چھاؤں میں وہ لوگ جلے ہیں

ایک شمع بجھائی تو کئی اور جلالیں
ہم گردش دوراں سے بڑی چال چلے ہیں


What is wrong…?

Akhir yeh sab kia horaha hai? Ilahi Reham farma hum sab per!!!, aik ke bad aik aisi news sunney ko mil rahi hai ke lagta hai kuch aur sun lia tu bardasht nahi ho paye ga.., pichley saal June mein jo jo howa woh na tu yaad ker ke acha lagta hai na us ke barey mein soch ker.. Allah tala sab ko apne hifz-o-amaan mein rakhen (ameen)

aik aik kar ke mein sab batati hon.. please pray for all the people i mention below..
Cp- (Adeel: an IRC friend more likely a CLOSE friend to me, lost his mother)
Goldfish (Za***: an IRC friend and more likely a sister to me, lost her father)
Mine brother (Nauman bhai) who left us in July..

There are so many people around you whom you like, love, care but when they are around you doesnt show them your love, care to them.. but when they are in need, or they are far away from you Then you just want ke kaisi bhi tarah unhey mein bata sakon how much I love/like Him/Her OR Care about Him/Her, Sometimes you get chance too, and sometimes you don’t..

Family Relations are EVERYTHING to us.., but we can’t forget that we are “Amanat” of Allah,
and we have to return to him one day sooner or later..

Pichley June..
Aik qayamat guzri thi humari family per.. Aik azmaish jis ka soch ker bhi dil kaanp jata hai ajj.. Salman my dearest brother who fell ill last June, he was going, coming, going, coming from hospital it was a hard time for us.. Doctor wasnt telling us anything, just one or two lines “theek hai sab” “kuch nahi hai, beyfikar rahen” He was admitted in hospital for one night, and that night for almost like whole life, he wasnt in his senses, Doctor put him on oxygen, gave blood, aur yahan Azaan horahi and there outside me and mother crying for his life, whole month of June took our life, Khair Allah has never let his people down so Salman came back home on his feet and Alhamdulillah he is A-okay, but then again June is here with all the old memories…. Hey its his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALMAN!!!

Past June then this June!, Bad news around.. I pray that aney wala June aur aney wala Saal (2006) hum sab ke liye Khushiyaan hi khushiyaan layen (ameen)

But I cant forget Last June and all those things, And I PRAY THAT NO-ONE EVER FACE A

Am too much down, Am having exams this month, they are going well.. But I feel Sad because of my friends lose.. and I feel alone! I MISS YOU UMAIR BHAI! PLEASE CALL ME 🙁 I WONT LET YOU DOWN ANYMORE!! I SWEAR PLEASE CALL ME!! I MISS YOU ALOT!

Last but not the least: Aye Allah, mere doston aur un ki family ko is dukh ko bardasht kerne ki himmat ata kerna, aur Marhoomeen ko Jannat-ul-Firdos mein Aala Makaam ata farmana aur sab musalmanon ko apne Hifz-o-Amaan mein rakhna -Ameen-

-am done, thanks for bearing me-

& Atlast…..

Am crying.. Am crying just because of you…

Kabhi nahi sochta tha ke you will make me cry one day, I was so proud of you, I was depended on you.. I was looking for some words from you.. but! You didn’t come up to me.. theek hai I know it was mine mistake and you are thinking of my own good.. per you never ask me ke why am doing this? why am not listening to you? did ya ever ask me that? You just wanted ke mein app ki baat manon aur woh kaam na karon jo app nahi chahte.., have ya ever thought what is mine life? my family, you, and net.. kia app nahi jante? then why do you re-act like this!? you have gone far away from me.. have ya ever thought about me? mein kia karon geen app ke baghair!? Bolo! socha mere barey mein? mere konse 10/12 real friends hain ke mein un se baatain karon aur net per na aon? I DONT HAVE ANY REAL FRIEND! I told ya this many times, I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES OTHER THAN NET, I told ya this too na? but
you dont wanna listen, or understand me,, now you are ignoring my calls, sms.. WHY!!! am dieing to talk to you! but I think you dont care abt me anymore.. Fine!

Kehdo aik bar aker ke “Ayesha ayenda mujhey tang na karna” Then woh din last din hoga jab Ayesha app ko Bhai khaye gee.. Believe me..! I wont disturb u ever after that..

Bus Aik Ehsan Kardo, Aker Yeh Line Kehdo…!