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Another hope, Another try..

While surfing blogs I found this news on a blog called PakPositive, It took my attention and just after this news, an article was published in Jang newspaper..I will share that too..Its about the same thing I am going to mention below BUT it has some addition which I think I should discuss about..InshaAllah tomorrow I will post that article with my views.. Till then read this one 🙂

Autologous stem cell therapy introduced in Pakistan

Blood transfusion dependence in thalassaemia to come down

By Asadullah

KARACHI: For the first time thalassaemic patients have been treated with their own blood stem cells reducing not only their blood transfusion frequency but also lowering their iron overload significantly for the quality of their life, doctors claimed.

Dr Ilham Saleh Abuljadayel, a Saudi-born Britain-based cellular biologist, flanked by the director of Pakistan Medical and Research Council (PMRC) Dr Huma Qureshi disclosed findings of her clinical study on 28 Pakistani patients at the Orthopaedic and Medical Institute (OMI) on Tuesday.

Dr Ilham, the sole inventor of the TriStem Technology, has also applied her process of retrodifferentiation in four Indian patients of aplastic anaemia, using retrodifferentiated stem cells created from patients’ own blood in very large volumes, in a short period of time.

After her education at King’s College London, she returned to Saudi Arabia to work as an immunologist. She made her discovery by accident. She was trying to kill white blood cells by using a particular antibody when she forgot to add one ingredient to the mixture.

The result was not dead cells, but cells that had been transformed into stem cells. She called it the process retrodifferentiation: a reversal of the normal process by which immature stem cells differentiate to become mature adult cells. She is now in Karachi engaged in applying her technology on Pakistani patients.

Dr Ilham said the autologous stem cell therapy actually reduced the blood transfusion dependence of the thalassaemia major patients treated in this study by up to 70 per cent, without the need for an HLA matched donor, growth factors and invasive surgery.

“We have witnessed significant reduction in their (patients) iron overload as measured by serum ferritin by between 15 to 50 per cent without the use of any form of chelation in a span of 4-12 weeks,” she wised up The News after the launch of the study by President Pervez Musharaf the same day.

Stem cell therapy of TriStern is presently being applied to treat aplastic anaemia, leukemia, sickle cell anaemia, spinal cord injury, type-I diabetes, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, congestive heart disease and others.

According to Dr Ilham, the researching team of doctors at OMI has also applied the very stem cell technology to a 24-year-old diabetic girl, who started synthesizing her own insulin within four weeks of therapy. “It is amazing as her insulin requirement dropped significantly and her eczema disappeared too.”

Dr Javed Akhtar, medical registrar of OMI who conducted the administration of the retrodifferentiation technology, said it has proven to be safe in over 30 patients with no negative outcome or procedure-related mortality for periods up to 13 months. He said the follow up of the patients would last for 24 months.

“We have treated 28 patients of thalassaemia major with minimally invasive autologous stem cell technology, causing no harm during or after the procedure,” he maintained. “We have seen no side-effect at all in patients we have treated so far with the fully automated stem cell therapy.”

Tariq Mumtaz, the CEO of Healthcare Solutions International, said that the results of the clinical studies to date are very encouraging. “We are conducting these studies according to good clinical practices standards under the supervision of the principal investigator Prof Tasnim Ahsan whereas Quintiles is monitoring the protocol.”

“We are the first company in the world to successfully apply stem cell therapy to treat thalassaemia major, a debilitating and deadly blood disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of people and kills several thousand children before they reach the age of ten worldwide,” Mumtaz said.

1st Thread.. & It is dedicated to my late brother Nauman..!

Hmmz.. As a muslim we don’t have this things in our religion.. things i mean Barsi, Birthday.. and all.. but the days make us remember each and everything.. is din is waqt yeh howa.. hum yahan they.. 14th july bhi aik aisa hi din hai.. jis din yeh duniya chor ker mere bhai jaan ne asli duniya chunn li.. yeh Allah Tala ki marzi hai aur hum us ke bandey.. us ki har baat per sar taslim-e-khum kerdena hi humara shiwa hai.. laiken aik arsa jis shaks ke sath app rehte ho.. woh aik had tak app ki kull kaynaat ban jayen tu dukh tu hoga hi.. dukh apni jagah Allah Tala ki marzi apni jagah.. us ke aghey hum beybus hain hum usi ki amanat hai aik roz usi ki taraf palat ker jaye gen.. koi jaldi jaye ga koi dair se.. laiken jana sab ne hai.. laiken hum un guzrey howey palon ka kia karen? kahan dafan kerden un ko? aik lamhey mein duniya bikhar si gayei hum logon ki.. han woh aik lamha hi tha.. woh tu theek hochukey they.. ghar aney waley they.. phir aik dam se? han aik dam se Allah Tala ne apne bandey ko upper bulaya lia.. ab tak yakeen nahi ata.. Aik lamhey mein woh hum sab ko chor ker chaley gen.. 18 saal ka sath chor dia.. sab rishte natey chor ker.. jis kaam se unhey mohabbat thi us ko chor ker.. aisey gaye jaise koi yahan tha hi nahi.. kia nahi tha un ki life mein, kia nahi kia unhoney hum family members ke liye? sab kuch!! apna sab kuch hum per laga dia.. aur moqa bhi nahi dia ke hum un ka theek se shukria hi ada kersaken.. har aik ki khuwahishaat hoteen hain un ki bhi thi.. aik motor bike aur internet.. laiken dono hi un ki dastarass se bahir tha.. phir bhi shikwa nahi kia kabhi gila nahi kia.. kia khobi unhoney nahi pai thi? jo kaha woh howa.. jo manga woh mila.. har dukh mein paish paish.. har cheez mein paish paish.. behan ki shadi, bhai ki birthday, behan ki farmaish.. sab kuch tu honey ne kia.. per kia tha jo aik moqa mil jata hum bhi kuch kerlete un ke liye.. Shayad Allah apne naik bandon ko hi jald bula leta hai.. woh bhi naik they har cheez behan bhai aur family ke liye ki.. kabhi apnay barey mein nahi socha.. apni takleef ko nahi dekha..

Kitne shoq se bhai ki birthday ki shopping ki.. shoes le ker apni pasand ki kachoriyan le ker ghar ayen aur kaha ammi se ke ab Salman ko le jayen aur pant shirts le ayen aur bhai se kaha ke aik number bari lena ta ke mein bhi use kersakon.. sab kuch aya.. sab kuch wohi jo unhoney kaha.. pant shirt shoes sab kuch laiken pehnna naseeb na howa.. 24th june ko leen gayein cheezain 14th july ko moun cheera raheen theen…. Bhai ko school se uthwa lia kion ke asthma tha aur woh nahi chahte they ke bhai per burden ho.., behan ki shadi ka zyada se zyada kharcha khud uthaya.. composing kerte log atey kabhi koi shikayat nahi mili logon ki.. hospital mein bhi keh rahey they ke phone la do mein ne client ko phone kerna hai.. kabhi apna kaam kal per nahi tala.. itni si umer mein kia nahi dekha aur konse dukh nahi jhailey? laiken kabhi jo unhoney aik Ufff bhi kaha ho.. kitney naik hote hain aise log.. aur kitni jaldi chor jate hain.. yahan intezar horaha hai ke poore aik din bad bhai ghar wapis arahey hain aur woh aye zaroor.. magar strechter per.. aur aye zaroor per hamesha ke liye janey ke liye..

Na hum ne apne Rab se shikwa kerna seekha hai aur na hi karey gen, us ki merzi ke aghey humari kia ookaat?

I hope ke app log mere bhai aur meri family ko duaon mein yaad rakhen gen.. Allah app sab ko apne hifz-o-aman mein rakhen Ameen.

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz