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Shehzad Roy – Qismat Apney Haat Mein Lyrics

Intro (A girl in wannabe accent):
Main mulk se bahar parhne jana chahti hoon
takay wapis akay ghareeb logon ki..
You know jo ghareeb hotay hain..
You know jo thoray say woh hotay hain..
You know ghareeb say?
You know what I mean?
Unki madad karna chahti hoon

Shehzad Roy:
*cough cough*

What happened?

Shehzad Roy:
I am allergic to bullshit

Zulm na kar tu warna choar denge yeh galiaan..
Chand logon ne.. Chand logon ne..
Chand logon ne qaum ki leli hay..
Qismat apney haat main..
Qismat apney haat main..

Oh leli.. hay Qismat.. Oh apney Haat main..
Sary ke saray kismat ke maray..
Mil ke bolay saath saath..
Mil ke bolay saath saath..

Oh leli.. hay Qismat.. Oh apney Haat main..
Oh leli.. hay Qismat.. Oh apney Haat main..
Sary ke saray kismat ke maray..
Mil ke bolay saath saath..
Mil ke bolay saath saath..

Zulm na kar tu.. Warna chor denge yeh galiaan..
Kam se kam pooch to lia hota..
Kam se kam pooch to lia hota..
Lenay se pahle haath main..
Lenay se pahle haath main..

Oh leli.. hay Qismat.. Oh apney haat main..

Pyaar na mila na paisa.. Hota hi rahayga aisa..
Dunya hay kaisi Dil bolay kardoon.. Sab ki
Aisi ki taisi!

la la la la la la la la la la la..
la la la la la ra la la

Ab koi mangay to naheen dena..
Ab koi mangay to naheen dena..
Qismat rahegi apnay haath main
Qismat rahegi apnay haath main

Koi jo sunay to bolain..
dukhra ham apna rolain..
Dunya hay behri..
Aye Naujawanon Sun lo.. sazish hay gehri..

la la la la la la la la la la la..
la la la la la ra la la

Chand logon ne.. Chand logon ne..
Chand logon ne Qaum ki leli hay..
Qismat Apnay haath main..
Qismat Apnay haath main..
Saray ke Saray qismat ke maray
Milke bolain saath saath..
Milke bolain saath saath..

Oh leli.. hay Qismat.. Oh apney Haat main..
Oh leli.. hay Qismat.. Oh apney Haat main..

Song Name: Qismat Apney Haat Mein
Album Name: Qismat Apney Haat Mein
Year released: 2008
Artist: Shehzad Roy
Link for download (Complete album)

Pakistan In Year: 3008

Two Top American Executives at IBM , USA

Alex: Hi John. You didn’t come to work yesterday
John: Yeah. I was at the Pakistani Embassy trying to get my visa.

Alex: Oh, really? What happened? I’ve heard that these days they have become very strict.
John: Yeah, but I managed to get it.

Alex: How long did it take to get it stamped?
John: Man, it was a long queue. Bill Gates was waiting in front of me and they really gave him a hard time.
The poor guy even brought the property papers for his house in Seattle to show them that he will return to USA .
I went there at 4:00 a.m. to get in the queue and there were tons of people ahead of me.

Alex: Really? In Pakistan, at the US Embassy it only takes an hour to get a visa for USA .
John: Yeah! But that’s because no one in Pakistan would want to come to USA , except Americans who have taken Pakistani nationality and want to bring their kids here.

Alex: So, when are you leaving?
John: As soon as I get my tickets from the company in Pakistan . I’m so excited. I will be getting a chance to finally fly with the world’s fastest growing airline, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Sort of dream come true, you know.

Alex: How long are you planning to stay in Pakistan ?
John: What do you mean ‘how long’? I will try and settle in Pakistan . My company has promised me that they will process my Green Book as soon as soon as possible.

Alex: Really? Man, you’re a lucky one. It’s very difficult to get The Green Book in Pakistan . Last year my cousin and his family went there on a tourist visa and they’re not coming back now.
John: Yeah. That’s why I’m planning on marrying a Pakistani girl There and then sponsoring my parents and my brother and sister from New York to Pakistan .

Alex: What city are you going to?
John: Karachi. The company has an office in downtown Saddar. Yeah, the salary is good but the cost of living is quite high because of all the people flocking to this high-tech Mecca .

Alex: I hear the exchange rate is now $100 to a Rupee! That’s just Too much. What about Quetta and Peshawar ? What are they like?
John: No idea. But they are cheaper than Karachi , which is the world’s headquarters for information technology now.

Alex: I hear the quality of life in Pakistan is incredible.
John: Yeah, man. You can buy a BMW for Rs.30 ,000, and a Mercedes for less than Rs.45,000. But my dream is to purchase a Suzuki Mehran which costs roughly Rs.90,000. But what a sweet design, great curves, and it purrs to the touch.

Alex: By the way, which company are you gonna work for?
John: Haji Jalal Puttarjee & Bros. Technologies, a pure Pakistani conglomerate specializing in embedded software.

Alex: Man, you’re so lucky to work for a pure Pakistani company. They are really intelligent and unlike any American body shops that have opened their fly-by-night outfits in Pakistan . The Pakistani Companies pay you even when you’re on the bench. My friend, Paul Allen, used his bench time to visit the Makran Coast, the most gorgeous resort in Pakistan, I hear
John: Yeah, man, you’re right. I hope the US learns something from them and follows in their footsteps. It seems all we
do is borrow more and more money from the Askari Bank.

Alex: How are you going to cope with their language?
John: I’ve been learning Urdu since my school days. I always dreamed that one day I’ll head for Pakistan ever since my uncle bought me that T-Shirt from Islamia College . At the Consulate they tested my proficiency in Urdu and were quite impressed by my score in TOUFL (Test of Urdu as a Foreign Language).

Alex: Boy! You’re so damn lucky.
John: Yeah. I’ll be travelling in the world’s fastest train, Tezgam, I’ll be visiting the world’s largest theme park in Changa Manga, and I’ll be visiting the famous Lollywood where I might meet the sons and daughters of movie legends like Nadeem, Sultan Rahi, Anjuman etc.

Alex: You know, the Pakistani President is scheduled to visit USA Next year and I hear that he may increase the number of employment visas.
John: That’s very true. Last month, their Labour Minister, Naswar Khan Pakhtoon, visited the White House and donated Rs.20,000 for the re-development of the World Trade Centre at Silicon Valley , and has promised more if we follow the models of the fast developing high-tech cities, Gujranwalla and Raiwind.Bill Gates was lucky to have a chance to meet him. Very lucky person.

Alex: Will you be calling on Peter? I hear that he has made it big there and has a beautiful house on the Lyari River in Karachi.
John: Yeah, I’ll be meeting him.

Alex: Anyway, nice chatting to you, John. Good luck, you lucky guy.
John: Yeah, and the same to you,

Alex: By the way, don’t ever go to the Pakistani Consulate in shalwar-kameez because they will think you’re too Pakistanised and may doubt that you will ever come back, and your application will be rejected. And yes, don’t forget to say to the Visa Officer politely: ‘As’salam-o- Alaikum, aap kaisay hain?’ It will show them you’re a cultured person.


Source: DaCoolSite.Com

UAE Free of Thalassemia by 2012

Dr Mariam Mattar

Photo by: Karl Jeffs/Gulf News – Dr Mariam is the first woman to become Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health.

Efforts to empower UAE nationals

Dubai: A new authority under the Dubai government was recently set up to act as an umbrella for social service organisations and was also tasked with promoting national identity and empowering UAE nationals.

Gulf News spoke to Dr Mariam, Director General of the Community Development Authority (CDA), about the authority’s plans and challenges ahead.

Gulf News: What is the objective of CDA?

Dr Mariam: CDA was launched to develop a framework for social development in line with the social objectives of the Dubai government as highlighted in the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

Through specialised entities, we aim to create a strong social safety net for everyone living in Dubai and enhance social cohesion between different nationalities and groups as well as promote our national identity.

Our objectives are to encourage social cohesion, social inclusion and social protection, to promote the national identity, and to empower nationals.

We would like to become the umbrella organisation for social service organisations and be able to come up with a legal framework under which these organisations would fall.

It has come to our attention that many social service organisations in the UAE are not licensed and we would organise the sector better by coming up with additional guidelines.

As you know, some of the accusations that the UAE face are lack of data and credible sources [to back them up]. We have been emphasising [becoming a source of data on Dubai] from day one.

The Dubai Statistics Centre has helped with this …

But we didn’t rely on the centre alone. Our research and strategy department has specialists in social studies and social analysis … [to] help us work with some of the social trends.

We [plan] to have an annual report … but a lot of it relies on surveys that will be conducted and help us assess the needs of every individual resident in Dubai according to geographical locations. The services resulting from that will be tailored to individual needs.

How significant a role is CDA going to be playing?

Ours is a monitoring and policy related role. We don’t devise new policies but enforce and renew current policies in Dubai that help us implement our objectives. As for the federal level, we coordinate with [federal bodies] to enforce the federal laws that weren’t being enforced previously …

We … provide services based on studies [on future] social requirements and how the different bodies in Dubai can cooperate to fulfil the requirements, whether it is legal, administrative, security-related or financial.

It was mentioned with the launch of the programme that CDA would be tasked with strengthening the national identity. Is the establishment of an official body with that objective indicative of a realisation that there’s a problem?

I wouldn’t call it a problem. Let’s say that there are some needs and we as the government are fulfilling these.

The media often says there is a need to preserve or protect the national identity. The national identity doesn’t need protection because it is here and so are the nationals, the natives of this country?

Our objective is to promote national identity, to ensure that the UAE national is distinguishable and noticeable. …

We at the authority ensure that the national identity is visible in society. This is not just about how we cook, eat or dance, or our portrayal in the media. We emphasise empowering Emiratis in Dubai with skills and expertise to allow them to compete and contribute in the development of society on par with non-nationals.

We’ve had more than a workshop and brainstorming session with all types of [people], … and found mainly that many Emiratis need support to be able to participate in the fierce competition [for work in Dubai]. And we can help – whether through enabling them to speak a global language, teach them skills, and help them … communicate with [other cultures].

How do you expect to deal with some of the concerns UAE nationals have about the rapidly changing population make-up of the UAE that is making them a minority?

We are working on research about the social needs of Dubai’s population … The mere presence of expatriates here who are specialised in their fields reflects positively on the development of society. Their presence here is of a consultative nature and we need to utilise [their expertise] to [learn from them].

I’m not denying that some Emiratis might feel that expatriates are given priority. But we at the CDA take note of these observations. [Our] survey will give the respondent the chance to [express their views on these issues].

What role does the Arabic language play in the Emirati identity at a time when it is seemingly being phased out in education and in some government entities?

The Arabic language is one of the [basic] elements of Emirati identity and we are trying to promote Arabic to non-nationals. There will be a number of initiatives from CDA to preserve the language and promote it. The programme will focus on three levels – legislation, auditing and service levels.

‘It is important to push for change’

Dubai: When Gulf News asked Dr Mariam Mattar why she would be the most suitable person to head the Community Development Authority (CDA), she spoke of a personal experience that made her feel an obligation to contribute to society.

“In 1999, two weeks before my final year exams at Rashid Hospital, a tragedy hit my family, and me particularly. I lost my beloved father to artery block, something that could have been prevented with proper medical care. Back then, I decided not to take my exams, however, everyone at Rashid Hospital gathered to show me support and reminded me of the impact that family physicians have on the individuals and communities they treat.

“The death of my father was a turning point in my life following which I discovered the importance of taking the initiative and pushing for change on all levels, mostly at individual but also social, political and regulatory [levels].”

Health care: Leading woman

  • Dr Mariam is the first woman to become Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health, where she supervised initiatives designed to make primary health care available to the biggest share of population in the northern emirates.
  • In 2005, Dr Mariam was the leader of the executive team dedicated to research key social development issues described in the “Dubai Strategic Plan 2008-2015”.
  • She is the founder and executive director of two non-government and non-profit organisations – the UAE Down’s Syndrome Association and the UAE Genetic Diseases Association.
  • Dr Mariam initiated many community programmes such as “UAE Free of Thalassemia by 2012”, and the “Wellness Centre”.
  • She graduated from Dubai Medical College in 1999 as top of her class and specialised in community medicine.

I just wish we had such expectations for Pakistani Thalassemic Patients as well.. I just wish.. sigh.

Phree Blogs!

Okay so after hearing from Ayesha that blogspot is still blocked.. here is what i am thinking:

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