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Blog didn’t win award but did win HP Thin USB Speakers from HP Pakistan! yay!!

How and why is the question, right? Well if you are on Facebook and is fan of HP Pakistan then you won’t ask me that question but if you are on Facebook but don’t know about HP Pakistan then this is the right time to know ;), HP Pakistan is having one question, one winner per day contest, and I won their gift hamper just by giving a simple question, check the amazing thin speakers, I loved it ;d

HP Thin USB Speakers!
HP Thin USB Speakers!

1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards

1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards
1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards
***Post might contain some lines, expressions, feelings, comments which you may not like, but remember it’s just a blogger’s opinion :), no offense intended

Let me start post by congratulating CIO Pakistan, Google Pakistan for arranging the 1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards and then heartiest congratulation to all the winners 🙂

It all started when bloggers appealed to get recognizable around the world, get award for their blog, to showcase their blogs. Then CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan started their engines and gave us, some bloggers nominated themselves, some got nominated by their fans and after 5 to 6 months, awards were being announced!

On 28th May 2010, bloggers were invited to Regent Plaza, Karachi for the award ceremony and new media unconference. Heading towards Regent I knew am not going to win but yet I was very excited for my friends, I had a feeling that award ceremony would be classy, one of its kind.

Ceremony started a bit late with a welcome song by Salman and Yasir, after the wonderful performance there was first session of unconference on Innovation in Media then some awards then second session on Selling 3.0 then some awards and then third session on Engage & Converge and then some awards, the bloggers were handed awesome goodies bag by CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan, which contains our traditional Ajrak, notepad, key chain etc. Oh did I tell you about the theme :)? It was Ajrak!!, liked it.

There were some drawbacks which I felt, not necessary that you all agree on them too 🙂

  • Theme was traditional, liked it no doubt.. but I think ceremony should have started by Allah’s name (Tilawat-e-Quran)
  • Sessions were quiet boring, sorry to say but I didn’t even bothered to listen to them.. they couldn’t make us listen to them
  • Till the end it was okay but then Special Jury Awards? Sorry but it looked quiet biased and unprofessional
  • Why 4 awards in Technology category :)? 2 could be enough.. but 4?
  • Back in December, Thalassemia cause was being supported by CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan so why not in the awards? Wasn’t it should be nominated as a Pakistan’s cause? I don’t think I should have mentioned this myself 🙂
  • It was advertised very well but wasn’t presented that well.. maybe because it was 1st time? Theres so much to get improved!
  • Once again Congratulation to CIO Pakistan, Google Pakistan and all the winners!

    Winners list can be viewed here, CIO Pakistan’s post and photographs

    Haris Nadeem and a short notice get togather ;d

    After a hectic morning and exam, I came home, munched up few bites, got ready and left for McDonald’s with Salman.

    We got bit late due to Karachi’s traffic, almost everyone was there with the Cheap guest Haris Nadeem (Chief guest :P), Haris has come to Karachi for his vacations and on a very short notice he arranged this bloggers meet up, it was awesome meeting Haris Nadeem, though he was so quiet that I thought he only like to tweet/blog doesn’t like to speak ;p

    It was wonderful meeting Jehan Ara, Faisal Kapadia, Mohammad Nawaz, Fariha, Sana Saleem, Aly, Munir Usman, Jamash and many others 🙂 *am sorry am bad at remembering names*

    I felt very dumb among all of them, they are mashaAllah mashaAllah very talented, while am nothing *hehe*

    After the introduction turn by turn we did lot of fun, like Talha ragging Haris & Hamza, making video of Haris while he was introducing himself 😛

    Inshort I had great fun 🙂 thanks alot guys to make me feel like part of family 😉

    Keep rocking

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz