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All about my dearest, caring, supporting and above all Loving and Sweetest family of mine!

Hammad – My one and only nephew!

Thursday the 1st December around 7:20 am, an scooter hit Hammad while he was crossing the street for our house, family took him to hospital and after 2 hours he was back to home with plaster on his left leg, he is only 7 years old and MashaAllah he have a big stamina, he didn’t even cried or yelled, and right now also he is watching television and enjoying his time as much as he can, MashaAllah he is being very funny, and facing this accident very bravely without complaining… he even tease Khala, Mamo, Nani, Nana and whole family with making faces and telling jokes, you cant even tell that this is the same Hammad who had an accident yesterday, May Allah bless him!, he is having a great time with us, watching television, playing with markers, playing with Mamo’s laptop, singing and chatting with whole family, this makes us feel that he is MashaAllah very well and he is not having any trouble, well the guy who was riding bike was caught and forgiven on one condition that he will never ever ride the bike, because he has been doing rough driving and has been doing stunts on road, taking out silencer and looking at girls in area, so his family has made promise that they will not let him ride the bike…

Remember Hammad in your prayers, I will post his picture soon 🙂

Take Cares, Allah Nigh-e-Baan

Sweetest brother Salman!

Asalaam o Alaikum everyone.

All of my friends have noticed that there is neither an update from 13 days on blog nor they had seen me online from 8/9 days… Well ask me how these days have been gone through? Many of you knew that my brother Salman wasn’t feeling well and the disease turned worst on Wednesday 26th October, and we had to take him to AKU (Aga Khan University Hospital) and doctor told us that if we had been lazy just for a moment then Salman wouldn’t have been there with us today 😐 but as it said that whatever happens, happens for a reason and Allah never wants bad for his people, so step by step they gave medicines and did several tests and Salman started getting better MashaAllah :), and after 6 days they said you can take Salman home but he got fever again, they advised to stay for another day then on 7th day they again said that you can take Salman home but then again he got severe pain in his legs they advised again to stay for 1 more day, and finally on 8th day Salman asked them that he want to spend Eid at home and he is feeling very well MashaAllah so please sign the discharge letter, and they did 🙂 finally! He is back to home… home sweet home! Now doctors has said to get blood transfusion in AKU and to be in doctors’ observation in the future for good :)!

Short and simple is that Salman is doing great Alhamdulillah and MashaAllah ;p but still needs lots of prayers :)! Do remember us in your prayers

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz.

Just a few words…

7 days ago, on 8th October the most deadly earth-quake attacked too many cities of Pakistan and Kashmir, and from that day I couldn’t write a single post about the earth-quake or anything, because I cant write, yeah I cant because I don’t have words, I don’t have single word to express the feelings, my heart has been bleeding, I have been reading newspaper, watching TV, reading online blogs about the earth-quake, but I cant come up with some words to write on my own blog.. Because it’s the feelings no-one, yeah no-one can share or tell, today after checking my week old mails I found a use-full email to share with you guys, I just have one dua that may Allah rest the departed souls in peace, bless the surviving souls, may he bless us, forgives our sins, and always let all of us remain in his hifz-o-aman.. *Ameen*

It’s time to Help!
Please do not ignore this message…
Help the victims of Earthquake

Many options available for you to help

  1. Please drop a check of Rs 150/- crossed to “Edhi Welfare Trust” to any TCS counter or any Edhi centre counter.
    This amount will be used to provide KAFAN to victims of quake.
  2. Contribute Rs 10 + Tax to the Mobilink Earthquake Relief Fund by sending a blank SMS to 180
  3. President’s Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims – 2005
  4. Donate for Earthquake victims – through Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (MKRF)
  5. Donate via any Credit Cards / Debit Cards or UBL Net Banking
  6. Donate Rs. 3/= per SMS towards MKRF Relief Fund SMS the word DONATE to 436 Each SMS cost Rs. 3/= + taxes Send as many SMS as you can.
    This is a joint effort by GEO, Mobilink and Ufone
  7. Donate used clothes, warm clothes, medicines, dry food items
    or donate whatever you can to any trusted booths near your premises.
  8. Forward this message to your friends, relatives, colleagues.

This will be a great support from your side.

These are the VERY Required items that you can send to PAF Museum:
1. Syringes
2. Drips
3. Antibiotics (Generation 2 and 3)
4. Candles
5. Ropes
6. Tents
7. Disposable X-ray machines
8. Small generators
9. Fuel
10. Tin food
11. Small sized milk packs. No powder milk. They dont have utensils to prepare that.
12. Biscuits
13. Torches
14. Coffins
15. Masks for volunteers
16. Small bottles of mineral water
AND MUCH MUCH MORE…………………………….

Pack these items properly and write down the names of the items on the box contains. It will be a great help…………

Please dont send Atta, Rice, Pulses, Onions. They cannot cook that. They want prepared food.

They need light (torch, generators, candles) b/c in nights there is complete darkness.

Do what u can……………………..

Give what u can afford…………………………

People need ur help

Hundreds of Orphan kids are waiting for someone …………………….

Adopt any one kid if u can afford or provoke others to do that…………………………..

Humanity is crying and looking towards u……………………………

Courtesy: Zaroon – A Yahoo Group!

Everyone from my family, my friends are donating and visiting affected areas to help the nation, may Allah accept our good deeds and gives us hidayaat to do more and more for our Muslims brothers and sisters. (Ameen)

-Friends my net friend Ayesha died this morning after fighting against Brain Tumor for 5/6 months, please pray for her soul and her family, may Allah rest her soul in peace and gives her family strength to bear this big lose. (Ameen)

-One more thing, my brother has been ill from 2 weeks, although he is much better than before now, but still needs lots of prayers.

Take Good Care of yourself…
Allah Nigh-e-Baan

Haal, Maazi aur Yaadian :)

Khushion Bhara Aik Ghar Hoga, Pyara Sa Aik Ghar Hoga.. kuch aisi hi lines hain jo Aik Khushion se bharey ghar ka naqsha khenchti hain.., Kam-o-baish hi koi aisi family hogi duniya mein jo apne maazi, haal aur mustaqbil se mutafiq hai.., mein bazat-e-khud apne mustaqbil se khoofzada hon, kion yeh mein nahi janti : ), per ajj mein apni nahi.. apni walida, apne puraney ghar aur ab jo makeen us makaan ko abad kiye bethey hain un ki baat karon geen..

Mein 2 months ki thi jab meri walida ne purana ghar chor ker bara ghar lia.., purana ghar do kamron per mustamil tha.., ghar mein nafoos 8 they : ) aur kamre chote.. meri walida ne kis tarah 16 saal us ghar mein guzara kia woh aik alag hi daastan hai.. per baqool meri walida ke wahan aisi koi khas baat nahi howi jis ke baais woh ghar mujhey acha lagta, siwaye is ke ke un ki sari ulaadain waheen paida hoween.., khair… 19th August 2005 woh din tha jab mein ne pehli bar apne us ghar ko dekha jahan meri walida ne apni zindagi ke 16 saal beeta diye.. pehli bar.., woh ghar kaheen aur nahi humarey recent ghar se aik gaali ke faasle per hai, per kabhi itefaaq nahi howa janey ka.., mere parents ne woh ghar waheen mojood aik family ko sale kia tha, un se meri walida ke 16 saal ke marasim itne gehre hain ke hum bhi un ko apne buzurg mante hain.. aur woh humey apne bachey, uncle ko hum Papa kehte hain aur aunty ko Moti Khala, and for the first time I met Moti Khala, and am simply inspired & impressed by the couple, they are loving..caring and supporting to everyone, especially aunty with uncle and uncle with aunty, they both are love birds! heh!, they are sweet.. aunty have some bharams : p, and uncle bear all those bharams.., in that building they own three flats, one is thier own which is on 2nd floor, thier elder son with his family is on 1st floor, and younger son with his family on 3rd floor, and all thier daughter in-laws take GREAT care of both of them.. Its simply a sweetest family with all love and supporting members which is very rare these days…

Mere walid ko bohut zyada hi shoq hai wooden furniture ko new new way mein bananey ka.. aur us ghar mein bhi mere walid ne apne shoq poore kiye they heh, aur jaise ke ghar chorte howe apna saman uthaya jata hai waisa kuch bhi meri family ne nahi kia, balke apna purana furniture waheen chor dia.. aur woh ab tak chal raha hai, uncle aunty wohi furniture use ker rahey hain.., cassette rack, cupboards, bed, show case, every single thing is same.. bus change howey to wahan ke makeen.. Standing there I felt mom working there and getting irritated by kids around her.. hehe!!, If I were at her place then I would have ran away LOL, its her stamina that she beared all those tensions and us (brothers, sisters:p) in a 2 rooms house, room to room woh bhi : ) heh! Hat Off to mom ; ), but One thing which is MOST important is.. that uncle aunty is living too, they have problems too, but the thing is they have MashaAllah MashaAllah a very supporting, caring, loving family with them, my mom was alone : ) she got scared.., I pray that Allah makes them more loving and caring, and may HE shower his blessing on them for ever and ever, and makes us like them too : ) (Ameen)

Bottom line is, Family full of support, care & love gives you strength to fight against problems…! If you are alone its very rare that you get success! but never lose hope : )

May Allah bless all of us (Ameen)
Allah Nigheban

1st Thread.. & It is dedicated to my late brother Nauman..!

Hmmz.. As a muslim we don’t have this things in our religion.. things i mean Barsi, Birthday.. and all.. but the days make us remember each and everything.. is din is waqt yeh howa.. hum yahan they.. 14th july bhi aik aisa hi din hai.. jis din yeh duniya chor ker mere bhai jaan ne asli duniya chunn li.. yeh Allah Tala ki marzi hai aur hum us ke bandey.. us ki har baat per sar taslim-e-khum kerdena hi humara shiwa hai.. laiken aik arsa jis shaks ke sath app rehte ho.. woh aik had tak app ki kull kaynaat ban jayen tu dukh tu hoga hi.. dukh apni jagah Allah Tala ki marzi apni jagah.. us ke aghey hum beybus hain hum usi ki amanat hai aik roz usi ki taraf palat ker jaye gen.. koi jaldi jaye ga koi dair se.. laiken jana sab ne hai.. laiken hum un guzrey howey palon ka kia karen? kahan dafan kerden un ko? aik lamhey mein duniya bikhar si gayei hum logon ki.. han woh aik lamha hi tha.. woh tu theek hochukey they.. ghar aney waley they.. phir aik dam se? han aik dam se Allah Tala ne apne bandey ko upper bulaya lia.. ab tak yakeen nahi ata.. Aik lamhey mein woh hum sab ko chor ker chaley gen.. 18 saal ka sath chor dia.. sab rishte natey chor ker.. jis kaam se unhey mohabbat thi us ko chor ker.. aisey gaye jaise koi yahan tha hi nahi.. kia nahi tha un ki life mein, kia nahi kia unhoney hum family members ke liye? sab kuch!! apna sab kuch hum per laga dia.. aur moqa bhi nahi dia ke hum un ka theek se shukria hi ada kersaken.. har aik ki khuwahishaat hoteen hain un ki bhi thi.. aik motor bike aur internet.. laiken dono hi un ki dastarass se bahir tha.. phir bhi shikwa nahi kia kabhi gila nahi kia.. kia khobi unhoney nahi pai thi? jo kaha woh howa.. jo manga woh mila.. har dukh mein paish paish.. har cheez mein paish paish.. behan ki shadi, bhai ki birthday, behan ki farmaish.. sab kuch tu honey ne kia.. per kia tha jo aik moqa mil jata hum bhi kuch kerlete un ke liye.. Shayad Allah apne naik bandon ko hi jald bula leta hai.. woh bhi naik they har cheez behan bhai aur family ke liye ki.. kabhi apnay barey mein nahi socha.. apni takleef ko nahi dekha..

Kitne shoq se bhai ki birthday ki shopping ki.. shoes le ker apni pasand ki kachoriyan le ker ghar ayen aur kaha ammi se ke ab Salman ko le jayen aur pant shirts le ayen aur bhai se kaha ke aik number bari lena ta ke mein bhi use kersakon.. sab kuch aya.. sab kuch wohi jo unhoney kaha.. pant shirt shoes sab kuch laiken pehnna naseeb na howa.. 24th june ko leen gayein cheezain 14th july ko moun cheera raheen theen…. Bhai ko school se uthwa lia kion ke asthma tha aur woh nahi chahte they ke bhai per burden ho.., behan ki shadi ka zyada se zyada kharcha khud uthaya.. composing kerte log atey kabhi koi shikayat nahi mili logon ki.. hospital mein bhi keh rahey they ke phone la do mein ne client ko phone kerna hai.. kabhi apna kaam kal per nahi tala.. itni si umer mein kia nahi dekha aur konse dukh nahi jhailey? laiken kabhi jo unhoney aik Ufff bhi kaha ho.. kitney naik hote hain aise log.. aur kitni jaldi chor jate hain.. yahan intezar horaha hai ke poore aik din bad bhai ghar wapis arahey hain aur woh aye zaroor.. magar strechter per.. aur aye zaroor per hamesha ke liye janey ke liye..

Na hum ne apne Rab se shikwa kerna seekha hai aur na hi karey gen, us ki merzi ke aghey humari kia ookaat?

I hope ke app log mere bhai aur meri family ko duaon mein yaad rakhen gen.. Allah app sab ko apne hifz-o-aman mein rakhen Ameen.

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz