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Here you will meet my friends.. close friends, normal friends, abnormal friends ;p Infact Every kind of mine’s friend you will find here ;)

best of luck!

best of luck!
best of luck!

receiving calls for website guidelines even though knowing I don’t know much about it.. but giving me privilege to be in loop and know what is happening, asking me for ideas, arguing over suggestions, telling every small update.., sharing the secrets of life with me..

this all has been done by Salman’s best friends (our ex-neighbors), they have been bugging me 😛 *didn’t mean it guys, don’t take it on heart, heh*, sharing their plan of their new business… asking for ideas, asking me to join the team, what not?

they are not letting me feel left out or absence of Salman… though no one can fill the space.. but still that means a lot.

they are now about to use their experience in a bigger and better scale, experience of printing, event managing, etc, am really happy for them! and I know they can do it 🙂

best of luck guys! lots and lots of prayers on your way 🙂 keep rocking!

Haris Nadeem and a short notice get togather ;d

After a hectic morning and exam, I came home, munched up few bites, got ready and left for McDonald’s with Salman.

We got bit late due to Karachi’s traffic, almost everyone was there with the Cheap guest Haris Nadeem (Chief guest :P), Haris has come to Karachi for his vacations and on a very short notice he arranged this bloggers meet up, it was awesome meeting Haris Nadeem, though he was so quiet that I thought he only like to tweet/blog doesn’t like to speak ;p

It was wonderful meeting Jehan Ara, Faisal Kapadia, Mohammad Nawaz, Fariha, Sana Saleem, Aly, Munir Usman, Jamash and many others 🙂 *am sorry am bad at remembering names*

I felt very dumb among all of them, they are mashaAllah mashaAllah very talented, while am nothing *hehe*

After the introduction turn by turn we did lot of fun, like Talha ragging Haris & Hamza, making video of Haris while he was introducing himself 😛

Inshort I had great fun 🙂 thanks alot guys to make me feel like part of family 😉

Keep rocking

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz
-Ayesha – Donor System!


As many of you might know/seen that has a blood bank system on the website, its in beta version, few of our friends have been getting registered there as a donor..

On Sunday we got a call from Lahore that they need A-(neg) blood in Lahore as soon as possible for their dad’s operation, as our donor system is in beta version, not having enough record.. and not having any team member in Lahore, we contacted one of our friend and he arranged 4 donors for that person..

After that we have got two more calls, both of them from Karachi..

This indicates us to work more, work harder and quicker in donor system, so we asked many people to get them registered..

Donor System:
What would it do?
You get registered into it, whenever we get a call that someone need blood in Lahore, Karachi, etc we would contact our registered members of that city and ask them to help that person.

What we need?
A good database so that we have many options to contact, few volunteers from different cities to help us in this cause.

What would volunteer do?
Whenever we would get a call, we would ask all the details and then contact our volunteer and then volunteer and that person would be in direct contact.. and in the end volunteer would have to update us from all the stuff.

What you can do?
If you donate blood then get registered, if you have good contacts then either be a volunteer or let your contacts know about this and make them register..

Whoever would contribute in our cause would be called our Team Member, we would write their names with ours.. inshaAllah

Looking forward for positive replies!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

ProPakistan To Host Pakistan’s First Blog Writing Competition

Courtesy by: ProPakistan!

This is a great pleasure to announce that we’re holding Pakistan’s first blog writing competition. The competition is open for all established and no established bloggers and aspiring bloggers of all ages round the Pakistani Blogosphere. The purpose of this competition is to promote the blogging trend in Pakistan, and to explore the ideas with which Pakistani blogosphere can help the different societal, political and economic problems.

The Theme is “Pakistani Blogosphere & Rebuilding The Foundations Of Pakistan”, and you’re free to wrap your thoughts in best possible title and details of about 500 words. Below is the further detail of the competition. Please do ask if there’s any confusion:

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