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What is wrong…?

Akhir yeh sab kia horaha hai? Ilahi Reham farma hum sab per!!!, aik ke bad aik aisi news sunney ko mil rahi hai ke lagta hai kuch aur sun lia tu bardasht nahi ho paye ga.., pichley saal June mein jo jo howa woh na tu yaad ker ke acha lagta hai na us ke barey mein soch ker.. Allah tala sab ko apne hifz-o-amaan mein rakhen (ameen)

aik aik kar ke mein sab batati hon.. please pray for all the people i mention below..
Cp- (Adeel: an IRC friend more likely a CLOSE friend to me, lost his mother)
Goldfish (Za***: an IRC friend and more likely a sister to me, lost her father)
Mine brother (Nauman bhai) who left us in July..

There are so many people around you whom you like, love, care but when they are around you doesnt show them your love, care to them.. but when they are in need, or they are far away from you Then you just want ke kaisi bhi tarah unhey mein bata sakon how much I love/like Him/Her OR Care about Him/Her, Sometimes you get chance too, and sometimes you don’t..

Family Relations are EVERYTHING to us.., but we can’t forget that we are “Amanat” of Allah,
and we have to return to him one day sooner or later..

Pichley June..
Aik qayamat guzri thi humari family per.. Aik azmaish jis ka soch ker bhi dil kaanp jata hai ajj.. Salman my dearest brother who fell ill last June, he was going, coming, going, coming from hospital it was a hard time for us.. Doctor wasnt telling us anything, just one or two lines “theek hai sab” “kuch nahi hai, beyfikar rahen” He was admitted in hospital for one night, and that night for almost like whole life, he wasnt in his senses, Doctor put him on oxygen, gave blood, aur yahan Azaan horahi and there outside me and mother crying for his life, whole month of June took our life, Khair Allah has never let his people down so Salman came back home on his feet and Alhamdulillah he is A-okay, but then again June is here with all the old memories…. Hey its his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALMAN!!!

Past June then this June!, Bad news around.. I pray that aney wala June aur aney wala Saal (2006) hum sab ke liye Khushiyaan hi khushiyaan layen (ameen)

But I cant forget Last June and all those things, And I PRAY THAT NO-ONE EVER FACE A

Am too much down, Am having exams this month, they are going well.. But I feel Sad because of my friends lose.. and I feel alone! I MISS YOU UMAIR BHAI! PLEASE CALL ME 🙁 I WONT LET YOU DOWN ANYMORE!! I SWEAR PLEASE CALL ME!! I MISS YOU ALOT!

Last but not the least: Aye Allah, mere doston aur un ki family ko is dukh ko bardasht kerne ki himmat ata kerna, aur Marhoomeen ko Jannat-ul-Firdos mein Aala Makaam ata farmana aur sab musalmanon ko apne Hifz-o-Amaan mein rakhna -Ameen-

-am done, thanks for bearing me-

& Atlast…..

Am crying.. Am crying just because of you…

Kabhi nahi sochta tha ke you will make me cry one day, I was so proud of you, I was depended on you.. I was looking for some words from you.. but! You didn’t come up to me.. theek hai I know it was mine mistake and you are thinking of my own good.. per you never ask me ke why am doing this? why am not listening to you? did ya ever ask me that? You just wanted ke mein app ki baat manon aur woh kaam na karon jo app nahi chahte.., have ya ever thought what is mine life? my family, you, and net.. kia app nahi jante? then why do you re-act like this!? you have gone far away from me.. have ya ever thought about me? mein kia karon geen app ke baghair!? Bolo! socha mere barey mein? mere konse 10/12 real friends hain ke mein un se baatain karon aur net per na aon? I DONT HAVE ANY REAL FRIEND! I told ya this many times, I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES OTHER THAN NET, I told ya this too na? but
you dont wanna listen, or understand me,, now you are ignoring my calls, sms.. WHY!!! am dieing to talk to you! but I think you dont care abt me anymore.. Fine!

Kehdo aik bar aker ke “Ayesha ayenda mujhey tang na karna” Then woh din last din hoga jab Ayesha app ko Bhai khaye gee.. Believe me..! I wont disturb u ever after that..

Bus Aik Ehsan Kardo, Aker Yeh Line Kehdo…!

Rang-e-Hath – Red Handed!

Asalaam o Alaikum All & Heylo All

My very first post on this blog.. I liked this place 😀
Well, I never wrote blog before… Few days ago I started writing on another site.. Click here to check it out, I didn’t like it much..Then a friend of mine said that Why don’t you start your blog on, Khair, its a longggggggggggg story, will tell you some other time :D!, let me start writing the blog I want to write ;P

While having dinner, dad was asusually watching TV (Its his favorite time to watch Geo, Ary, Indus about political issues), few days ago I heard about a new program called “Rang-e-Hath” on Geo, I don’t like political programs much, but if the host is intelligent, smart, genius and know how to provoke the guest then I love to watch the episode.. So I thought Rang-e-Hath would be a political program too, but as it was going to start my dad said “Check this, they will show how students cheat” (Urdu: Ayesha yeh log dekhane waley hain ke talib-e-ilm naqal kaise kerte hain) And I heard it like (Ayesha yeh log dekhaney waley hain ke Qatil kaise karte hain) And I was Hain Kia!? He said Yes! They gonna show everything.. : Khair, program started with few cool lines, tanziya lines you can say, the compare was a one funny guy, they showed a College where students were going to give Intermediate Exams, first they showed the security or call it “Watch the Cheater team” few police men who were on duty for checking the cheaters and security were sitting on chairs and doing chit chat with the students, and few were out-side the College in a Dhabba (Tea Stand) enjoying tea and chit chat, behind them were few guys hiding Pharrey (cheats) in the pants, shirts and all, then the camera went in-side the College, a whole team was there to help the student for cheating :

Team members and their work:
1) To solve the paper
2) To write down the roll-number of the guy who need the solved paper
3) To take money for the paper (He gave 150 for the paper :\)
4) To go and give the paper to the person given money

Woah! They are doing naiki ka kaam? Nahi?, they showed an examiner helping students in cheating, solving papers for them, going in and out in Different Classes and checking whether everything is alright or they need something..! The director and Producer of the program Afreen Mehdi has done a wonderful job by telling the in-side story I think..

I knew that cheating is Aaam in the board exams, but I wasn’t known by this situation.. Its simply NEW to me.. And am damn sure… Board Team gonna work against this.. Maybe they increase the members of their vigilance team they send to Colleges, Or they increase the numbers of Chappay they do :\, But I didn’t get what our generation is doing :s I feel ashamed to be among them.. Or to be called a person in this generation..

May Allah helps them!

-am done-
ps: Try to watch the episode of Rang-e-Hath, Its superb.

Happy, Curious, Down……….

Who cares what goes around you? Do you? Nah.. No-one have spare time to peek in your life and try to understand you or give you some time.., I don’t know whats wrong with me tonight..
Maybe because am down, Maybe because am fedup, Or maybe because am an Idiot.. Who knows the truth?
Okay… Lets talk about the subject I gave, Am Happy because my logo has been selected and its On the site, Am Curious because.. I won’t tell you the reason : ) Its secret!, Down.. because am not feeling well : (, Busy because of damn exams I have to give in June…!

Oh, I forgot.. Am Angry too! Angry on myself.. Why the hell I always start studying in the end days..!?!?! Blah! What can I do about it now? Maybe I will cut down my activities in next exams? Thats ofcourse a hard task for me.. But why not give it a try?
Well, If I don’t remember this thing.. you better remind me about it! Maybe I will listen to you and do something about it..


Irritated.. Yeah..! that’s what I am these days and right now.. Why the hell I always burst out.. or lose my temper? I can’t even imagine I have been fighting with my 6 years old Nephew 😐 😐 , I have been arguing with my elder sister 😐 😐 & with MOM!!!? 😐 😐 !! All on same dayyyyyy!!

I wasn’t like this before.., I don’t know what is wrong with me.. Is it the climate? Is it my ill-ness? Or is it the study pressure? 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, And these 3 things are DAMN reason for my lose temper.., But who understands you :@? Nephew needs time to understand.., Sister doesn’t want to understand because she thinks that my habit of losing temper going to be a permenant problem if I doesn’t stops it now..(Somehow I think she is 120% right, But who’s mind going to work in Anger :S? Not mine), Mom thinks the same.. She always try to tell me the Facts I Hate..(You will be going to someone’s home and you going to cut my nose, and etc.. World mom’s Nasihaatain..)

And, even if I tell my friends about it.. I get same replies.., Sometimes I think they can’t understand me,, and they think Am wrong all the time..! But sometimes (Only when am Cool!) I think am really wrong and I should work on my anger…

Well! Need time? How Much? Had Taken Alot Time Before Too? You Ain’t Going To Change Your Temper..You Simply Can’t..! Hey Hello? Shut Up! And Let Me Work On My Temper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That was my idiotic mind and my heart fighting :s :$ :S )