2 baata’in..

2 baatain sun ker, parh kar, jan kar afsoos ke ilawa kuch nahi kar pa rahi..

1st) thalassemia centres ke lougon ka kehna hay ke agar ham na hote, centres na hote aap loug kahan jate?

2nd) government ki taraf se provided medicines ki selling..

Kia hamara yaqeen apne Rab pe itna kamzor hay? Agar aik centre na hota dosra hota, dosra na hota teesra hota.. Allah hume be-yaar-o-madadgar tu kabhi na chorta..

Centres chalane wale lougon ka business nahi hay, koi job nahi hay.. centre hi un ka source of income hay tu yeh baat shayad unhe sochni chahiye ke agar bache na hote tu aap ki source of income kia hoti?
Shayad aap us time yeh kahen ke Allah humein kaheen aur se rozi deta tu yeh jan len ke Allah hi un bachon ko kaheen aur se treatment bhi deta agar aap na dete..

Medicines jin bachon ko suit nahi karti centres un ko bhi letter likh ke de deta hay ke jao free medicine lao, humein do hum return mein tumhe dosri medicine de gen aur woh free medicine baich dete hain centre wale.. kia yeh jaiz hay? Aap is tarah kisi ghareeb ka haq nahi mar rahe? Aap woh medicine baich kaise sakte hain?

Aap loug aik zariya / waseela hain, Khudara zameeni Khuda na bane..

Some wishes..

I have lots of wishes and plans in my mind for #thalassemia cause & thalassemia kids of #Pakistan .. I have decided to write them one by one.

Doesn’t matter if I can’t fulfill them.. maybe someone reading them have resources to fulfill them.. maybe someone can fulfill them..

Starting from number one.. my top most wish / plan for #thalassemia kids of #Pakistan is to have a HUGE REGULAR strong blood donor system.

2nd wish / plan is also important, that is provide proper iron chelation to every thalassemic.. No to fake useless drugs, no to negligence!

3rd provide some education/skill to every thalassemic so they can understand their disease better & earn some bucks to improve their life..

4th some restaurants take it as a CSR and provide lunch / dinner to #thalassemia kids of every thalassemia centre in Pakistan

14 years..

Though our family struggle for thalassemia is more than 30 years old.. but Salman the founder of Fight Against Thalassemia started the online awareness 14 years ago.. though he is no longer among us but we aim to keep his cause alive till our last breath inshaAllah..

We couldn’t have come along till here without our family, friends, colleagues & donors support.. we are nothing without you all..

Thanks a lot for the tremendous support, love and trust! may Allah always be with us all and accept our struggle for thalassemia free Pakistan & healthy thalassemics — ameen!