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As you may have already noticed (if not then you should go and have your eye sight tested) that this blog is now having a new Layout, Interface, Design whatever you call it.. anyways i have tried to test every part of the blog but there might be some places where layout is not properly appearing or some errors appearing instead of the actual content.. if you see such errors please reply to this post about where you saw that error or whatever..

Also please do tell me how is the new layout 😛


Finally am here :)

Asalaam o Alaikum All…

At last! After 26 days am writing a new post… 26 days… a big time… how it went, what I did, why I didn’t write? For all those questions I will need 5 posts and lots of time to write, but as I am not using net that much these days nor am feeling okay to sit on in front of my love (Pc of course) so I will write less and will tell you everything, how it went? Well after recovery of Salman he is doing MashaAllah great! What I did? Hmmmm am taking care of Salman medicine, my own medicine and of my own very good health, because of Salman I almost ignored myself and faced weakness just after Eid, from 2nd days of Eid I fell ill, fever weakness and etc etc, so am under observation of doctors too, they are doing many tests on me :p but as am ‘dheet’ so nothing happens to me 😉 MashaAllah se :p so because of weakness and busy days I couldn’t write any post, but as everything is getting back to normal so am getting back to my love too heh, so here I am!!!

Friends my result has came and I have cleared 5 papers, but 1 paper is either in ‘F’ or ‘A’, am waiting for my mark-sheet, am too much sad because of that one single paper, as far as I know it’s ‘A’ because of some misunderstanding during exams, my seat wasn’t found in the room and they made few girls including me to sit in the corridor and give paper and except one girl all of other girls including me has cleared 5 papers so am praying to Allah that it comes ‘A’ so I can claim for my paper otherwise its my bad-luck and am feeling baddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! I can’t stand an ‘F’

Well except that my new blog is under construction, as Salman was making my new blog so it needs some days to get completed, am waiting for my new blog ;p, nothing else left to tell friends…

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

!عید کا چاند اور عید

!!!!!!!!جییییییییییییییییییییییییی ہاں
عید کا چاند نظر آگیا ہے! آپ سب دوستوں کو عید کا چاند بہت بہت بہت بہت مبارک ہو! میری دعا ہے کہ یہ عید ہم سب کے لئے خوشیاں ہی خوشیاں لائیں اور ہمیں اس عید پر ان لوگوں کو قطعی نہیں بھولنا چاہیے جو زلزلے کی زرد میں آکر ہلاک ہوئے ، وہ جو زخمی ہیں اور ان کو جو خود بچ گئے پر ان کے والدین چلے گئے یا بچے چلے گئے یا جن کا سب کچھ تباہ ہوگیا۔۔ اللہ تعالٰی ان سب کو اور ہم سب کو اپنے حفظ و امان میں رکھے اور ہم سب کو قدرتی آفات سے بچا کر رکھے آمین! اور یہ عید ہم سب کو بہت بہت بہت اللہ کے قریب کردیں اور نیک راہ پر چلائے آمین!۔

!ایک دفعہ پھر آپ سب کو عید بہت بہت بہت بہت مبارک ہو

!اپنا خیال رکھیے گا ، اللہ نگہبان

Sweetest brother Salman!

Asalaam o Alaikum everyone.

All of my friends have noticed that there is neither an update from 13 days on blog nor they had seen me online from 8/9 days… Well ask me how these days have been gone through? Many of you knew that my brother Salman wasn’t feeling well and the disease turned worst on Wednesday 26th October, and we had to take him to AKU (Aga Khan University Hospital) and doctor told us that if we had been lazy just for a moment then Salman wouldn’t have been there with us today 😐 but as it said that whatever happens, happens for a reason and Allah never wants bad for his people, so step by step they gave medicines and did several tests and Salman started getting better MashaAllah :), and after 6 days they said you can take Salman home but he got fever again, they advised to stay for another day then on 7th day they again said that you can take Salman home but then again he got severe pain in his legs they advised again to stay for 1 more day, and finally on 8th day Salman asked them that he want to spend Eid at home and he is feeling very well MashaAllah so please sign the discharge letter, and they did 🙂 finally! He is back to home… home sweet home! Now doctors has said to get blood transfusion in AKU and to be in doctors’ observation in the future for good :)!

Short and simple is that Salman is doing great Alhamdulillah and MashaAllah ;p but still needs lots of prayers :)! Do remember us in your prayers

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz.

Gumm – AXIS The Band

Gumm hoon kahan
Dunya se mein khafa
Yeh ratein chalti rahein
Aur subhein bujhti rahein
Dum mera ghut ta raha
Aur sansein jalti rahein..

Tou aaooooooooo chor do paraya jahan
Key koi nahi hai tumhara yahan
Ajnabi yeh jahan… kyoun yahan ho tum

Zindagi veeraan hai
Key har saans ek azaaab hai
Nafratein milti rahein
Khuwahishein marti rahein
Dum mera ghuta raha
Aur sansein jalti rahein..

Key tungg aa gaye hein is zindagi se humm
Key thukra na dein jahan ko be-dili se hummm
Ajnabi yeh jahan… kyoun yahan ho tum

Hooo hoo hooooooooooooo
Hooo hoooo oooooooo ooo

Gummm hooon kahaan….

This track is a Debut track of the upcoming Band AXIS, You can download it from here 🙂