Friends! It’s 13th August and only 1 day left for 58th Happy Birthday of Pakistan :>, long live Pakistan!! We love you! I just don’t say, I mean it… I have felt the love I have for my home-land… It’s awesome to be in your country! I was always telling friends, strangers that please don’t leave Pakistan but I never knew the feelings I have for Pakistan…From few years I have felt the true feelings of a Pakistani! I just love myself, Karachi and above all I love Pakistan!

I wouldn’t feel okay if I didn’t shared it with my friends about all the incidents I had and that made me realize the true love for Pakistan.

It’s about 8 years ago, when my whole family went to India Chennai (Madras) in 1997, just after my brother’s death we went for the treatment in Apollo Hospital… we all were sad, upset and happy at the same moment, sad because Bhai left all of us (Allah ki merzi : )), upset because of leaving home, happy because of treatment… we stayed for 3 months and felt so much alone in an unknown country, no relative no known person nothing… we came back after 3 months and almost did a Sajda on stepping out from Air-Port… in India we were feeling like we wont be able to see Pakistan again, but Allah had written our fate and we have to face all the problems and troubles so we had to leave home-land and go for treatment, but we came without having treatment…that was written too : ), that was the very first time I felt that living in your own home, city, country with your relatives and known person is like having a little heaven on earth : )

Then in October 2002 my whole family was invited by Allah to our holy-places… We were going for Umrah after 12 years, its Allah’s karam on our family that he invited us again : ), let me tell you a very interesting thing 😉 I was 3 years old when we went for Umrah very first time then my nephew (Hammad) was 3 years when he called us again! Love you Allah!! Love you a lot! We had 40 days Visa, longest visa among my uncle’s family and aunt’s family (we almost had half Khandan there with us ;P)… but what Allah has written no-one know : ) so after living 27 days my brother fell ill too much that we have to give him transfusion immediately, I can’t forget the night when mom dad & I was walking on the streets of Madina for our Agent Office, we didn’t know the office address and the cab driver couldn’t understand our language & address too, we were walking & walking and then a Pakistani officer of some air-line saw me from his office, I goes to him and told him the problem, he asked me to sit and have some water I said my parents are outside please tell us the route, then he showed me the tall-building right opposite to his office and said you can ask anyone in that building for your agent, but that is the building you are looking for, I am still thanks-full to him for his kind words and help : ), after meeting Agent it was too hard to convince and make him issue our family tickets as soon as possible (bear me for saying this “Screw this agent system”), am sorry but this is hell lot of trouble work :\, but we have got a kind agent, he asked for passports and said he will try his level best.. and how cool we have forget to take passports with us… this made us go through all the route back to guest house to take passports and come back to agent.. we hired a cab and went to the guest-house, it was a one-way so driver asked one of us to go and get the passports, so I went running and took the passports and came back, the driver was astonished, he asked what problem I have and said don’t worry everything will be alright, we were almost crying it was a hard time on our family because Salman was very ill, we went back to Agent he took the passports and said don’t worry and go, I will issue the tickets as soon as possible, we came back with some hope… the next 2 days we kept waiting for the call and we received it! We were told to leave for Air-port and meet Agent there, he will give the passports and we can fly back to Pakistan.., it was 29 days trip and we were back, I simply can’t forget all those things we went through all these 29 days..! We met many Pakistanis there who helped us, one Air-line officer, second cab driver, third guest-house owner, and there were many whom I may have not known my name but were praying for us and helping us, may Allah bless them all!, but the thing which made us un-comfortable in Umrah trip was our Pakistan’s memories which were with us all the time!!!

I will end my post here… with few more lines : ) firstly don’t think what Pakistan has given you… just think what Pakistan hasn’t given us? Nationality, our own identity, sweet cities, everything that we wish! Burry the past, look at the present and brew the seed of future : ) & never ever forget that you belong to Pakistan & be positive for Pakistan!!

Come back tomorrow to see the card I made for the special day : )

May Allah always be with you : )
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

Fatimid – Symbol of hope or A group of frauds?

Ajj kisi ke samne Fatimid ka naam lo to kafi se zyada logon ki yehi raye hoti hai ke Fatimid waley Blood beechte hain, fraud kerte hain, logon ko ghair ker blood lete hain, aur jab koi blood lene un ke pass jata hai to woh kabhi nahi dete, yeh woh.. aisi kaye aur batain hain jo mein sunti arahi hon aur abhi tak sun rahi hon..

Friends, let me tell you the relation between my family and Fatimid, its a 20 years old relation, koi kisi ke sath chand months hi reh len to aik rishta sa ban jata hai, yeh to 20 saal ka rista, aetmaad hai jo bohut hi ghehra toot saka na toot sakey ga, Fatimid wahid Transfusion Centre nahi hai, Hussaini hai, Bismillah Taqi hai, per apna-pan kahan se layen?, app se kitne hain jinhone aik bar blood dia Fatimid walon ko aur kisi se sun lia kay yeh log to khoon beechte hain aur app ne tay kerlia ke bus ab in ko donate nahi kerna, aur app se kuch aise bhi hongen jo blood lene Fatimid gaye aur blood nahi mila keh dia gaya ke is group ka blood nahi hai aur app ne so gaaliyan se nawaz dia Fatimid ko.. laiken kia aik bar bhi app se koi Fatimid gaya? wahan ka Transfusion Centre dekha? Nahi! kisi ko itni fursaat kahan hai? app log sirf beth ker baatain sun sakte hain, baatain ker sakte hain aur un baaton per yakeen kersakte hain.. yeh almiyaa hai humari qoam ka.. laiken kab tak yeh chalta rahey ga?

Pheley meri walida humare sath chalti theen Transfusion ke liye, laiken kuch arsay se hum ne khud yeh zimeydaari utha li hai, walida ko barosa hoga tabhi itne arsey hum ne waheen Transfusion kerwaya aur ab humey akeley bejhteen hain.. hai na? warna kia aisa hota? nahi.., ajj humey itne log kehte hain ke Hussaini chaley jao woh acha hai blah blah, hum Bismillah Taqi bhi afford ker sakte hain baat sirf Apney-Pan ki hai, jo cheez Fatimid mein hai woh kaheen nahi!, ajj jab hum akeley jate hain to wahan ka aik aik staff member humey aker pochta hai, khayal rakhta hai, yeh kia hai? hum ne un ko kia dia hai?? hum to jate hain transfusion kerwate hain aur ajate hain, walida ke sath bhi woh log itna khayal rakhte they, aur ab akeley mein bhi, wahan ki nurses humey apni jaan se bhi zyada aziz rakhteen hain, aik aik cheez ka khayal rakhteen hain, Blood, Desferal sab kuch ka khayal woh rakhteen hain, to aisa kion kerteen hain? humara un se kia rishta? hum kia dete hain un ko? kuch bhi nahi!, wahan ki aik nurse ne to humey apne niece aur nephew bana rakha hai..

Fatimid mein is waqt 12 thousand Thalassemic Patients registered hain, aur ab unhoney ne Registeration band kerdi hai.., kia koi yeh jan sakta hai ke ager woh log khoon beechte hain to 12 thousand patients ko blood kaise dey rahey hain? hairaat hai, nahi? ager woh khoon beech rahey hote to wahan 12 thousand bachey na hote, wahan thalassemia centre na hota, wahan aik blood bank hota sirf aik blood bank! jo khoon ka karobar kerta.. laiken Fatimid aik umeed hai un thalassemia patients ke liye jo month mein 2 ya 1 bar transfusion ke liye Fatimid jatey hain.. aur Fatimid ke staff un ko as a family member treat kerte hain.. yeh un ki mohabbat hai, duty hoti to sirf hi, hello, how are you aur apne kaam tak rakhte, yeh mohabbat hai jo woh humey apne se barh ker chahte hain aur humara khayal rakhte hain : )

Fatimid ke nurses aur doctors ne jab blood ki shortage howi apna blood donate kia, aur itni daffa kia hai ke ab un ko higher authorites ne keh dia ke ager aik aur blood ki bottle dii to un ko khud blood ki zaroorat par sakti hai.. can you EVEN imagine a person like these? nahi.. can you be one among them? NO! its a big big big NO.

Fatimid kia hai, kia nahi yeh app ghar beth ker nahi jaan sakte, you people are blind with having 2 eyes, you are deaf with having 2 ears, am sorry to say.. but this is the fact :), sirf Aik bar Fatimid ka survey karen, aur sachai jaan len..

Mein yeh nahi kehti ke jo ilzaam un per lagey woh jhoote hain, per woh Puraney hain, jaise ke yeh mahawera hai ke “Aik machli sarey talab ko ganda kerti hai” waise hi, kuch logon ne Fatimid ko badnaam kia aur ab tak badnaami Fatimid ke sath hai.., laiken kia un kuch logon ki ghalti ki saza Thalassemic Patients bhugte gen? woh to fraud ker ke chaley gaye.. acha bura dono sath sath chalta hai, jo howa hum bhool kion nahi jate? hum un ka kion nahi sochte jo Fatimid ko apni umeed mante hain? zindagi mante hain?

Aik lamhey ke liye sab kuch chor ker, sirf aur sirf un ka socha, un patients ka jin ki zindagi jeeney ka wahid zariya blood hai, aur blood Fatimid Foundation faraham kerta hai.. sochen woh log kahan se 12 thousand patients ko blood dey rahey hain? yeh saal ki baat nahi, yeh roz ka kaam hai un ka..

Akhir mein sirf aik hi baat.., app ko Allah Tala ne zindagi di hai, app blood ke muhtaaj nahi hai, app Allah ke muhtaaj hain, app ko ashraf-ul-makhlookat banaya hai, app soch sakte hain samjh sakte hain, to apni soch ko positive way mein istemal, na ke negative way mein..

Aur aik baat:
Forget the past, concentrate on the present and Prepare yourself for the Future

Take Cares, Allah Nigheban.!

;) کچھ نہ ہونے سے کچھ ہونا بہتر

Courtesy By Jang.Com.Pk!

بلڈ بینکوں پر چھاپے غیرمعیاری خون برآمد، 9/افراد گرفتار
کراچی … گورنر سندھ ڈاکٹر عشرت العباد کی ہدایت پر شہر بھر کے بلڈ بینکوں پر محکمہ صحت کی نگرانی میں پولیس نے چھاپے مارے، پانچ بلڈ بینکوں سے غیرمعیاری خون کی بوتل برآمد ہوئیں جس پر 9/ افراد کو گرفتار کرلیا گیا دیگر بلڈ بینکوں سے بھی 8 / نمونے حاصل کرلیے گئے ہیں جن کا لیبارٹری ٹیسٹ کرایا جا رہا ہے، تفصیلات کے مطابق محکمہ صحت کے افسران کی مختلف ٹیموں نے شہر بھر کے مختلف بلڈ بینکوں پر پولیس کے ہمراہ چھاپے مارکر نمونے حاصل کیے اس دوران پانچ بلڈ بینکوں سے بعد از میعاد خون کی بوتلیں بھی کولڈ اسٹوریج سے برآمد ہوئیں، گلشن اقبال بلاک۔5 میں واقع الکام بلڈ بینک پر چھاپہ مارکر دس بوتل خون برآمد ہوا جس کی میعاد گزر چکی تھی جس پر موقع پر موجود ڈاکٹر کامران بھٹی اور شہزاد کو گرفتار کر کے بلڈ بینک کو سیل کر دیا گیا، شاہ فیصل کالونی تھانے کے علاقہ شارع فیصل پر واقع اوٹی بلڈبینک سے پانچ خون کی بوتل غیرمعیاری برآمد ہوئیں جن کو ضبط کر کے ڈاکٹر دلناز تاجدار کو گرفتار کرلیا اور بلڈ بینک کو سیل کر دیا گیا، جناح اسپتال کے قریب واقع شاہ بلڈ بینک پر چھاپے میں پانچ غیرمعیاری خون کی بوتل برآمد ہوئیں جہاں سے غلام شبیر اور جاوید اقبال کو گرفتار کر کے بلڈ بینک سیل کر دیا گیا ، نبی بخش کے علاقے میں واقع اوٹی بلڈ بینک سے 10/ غیرمعیاری بوتل خون کی برآمد ہوئیں اور تین ملزمان کو گرفتار کرلیا گیا، ذرائع کا کہنا ہے کہ مختلف بلڈ بینکوں سے سو سے زیادہ نمونے حاصل کیے گئے ہیں جن کو ٹیسٹ کرانے کے لیے لیبارٹری روانہ کر دیا گیا ہے۔

Its a relief!, isn’t it?

Blood Banks..

I was just watching another episode of Rangey Hath on GEO, it was on blood banks.., just like their first episode they opened the viewer’s eyes with a deadly truth.. Arfeen Mirza no doubt is a super genious girl, she has once again come up with the most important thing, which is already in Government’s eyes but it still needs a boost!

Many of us face such incidents that we have to go and buy blood for our uncle/aunty/brother/sister/mom/dad or anyone who need blood immediately, we don’t even check whether its right or its expired, we leave this thing on doctors to check the details..

The thing which is hidden in blood sticker can not be even seen by an expert doctors, in the episode they showed activities of 3 or 4 illegal blood banks which are situated in Karachi, & few doctors of Karachi.

No-one can think that doctors can be involved in such activities, but no-one can know anyone by his face too.., they showed the way they remove old sticker and put a new one with thier own blood bank name and with a new issue date of blood and expiry date :S they even change expire date :|! Horrible! this can take someone’s life, but who cares? they get 500+ for a bottle!, what else they want?, doctors are getting commission on giving the extra bottles they get from the patient’s family at operation time, they ask for 4 or 5 bottles and they use 2 or 3 in operation, 1 or 2 spare bottles are not given back to family but they store it and give it back to the blood banks and take money for it.. :S GosH! no-one can ever ever think so negative, but they are doing it!!, Government is taking action against them, Lets see what does the government do this time.

Friends, before taking blood from any blood bank PLEASE make sure that its a registered blood bank under government, And PLEASE people don’t play with other’s lives!

may Allah be always with all of you..
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!