Few changes…

Once again there is something done by Salman for blog heh, so here I come with the credit for him : ), lets not be so mean ;p

First: My very own first blog is hosted by Salman, and the domain is also given by him : )

Second: Now I can write Urdu posts easily because of him, he has done a lot of changes in theme CSS Sheet, so now I can write Urdu most easily and it looks so great to have your own national language everywhere : )

Third: Now you can see the Time of my posts too : ) + there were few small small amendments he did.. Which are un-countable heh

Last but not the least: He has made comment system very beautifully! That it just looks like a corner of the site : )

There are many things he has done and doing for my blog online, offline… Thank you Salman!!!!, he is a professional webmaster and taking time out for my blog is like a big No No for a busy person, but its him who has never denied for any work I say heh! Thank you brother ; )!

May Allah always be with all of us..
Take Cares, Allah Nigheban

Haal, Maazi aur Yaadian :)

Khushion Bhara Aik Ghar Hoga, Pyara Sa Aik Ghar Hoga.. kuch aisi hi lines hain jo Aik Khushion se bharey ghar ka naqsha khenchti hain.., Kam-o-baish hi koi aisi family hogi duniya mein jo apne maazi, haal aur mustaqbil se mutafiq hai.., mein bazat-e-khud apne mustaqbil se khoofzada hon, kion yeh mein nahi janti : ), per ajj mein apni nahi.. apni walida, apne puraney ghar aur ab jo makeen us makaan ko abad kiye bethey hain un ki baat karon geen..

Mein 2 months ki thi jab meri walida ne purana ghar chor ker bara ghar lia.., purana ghar do kamron per mustamil tha.., ghar mein nafoos 8 they : ) aur kamre chote.. meri walida ne kis tarah 16 saal us ghar mein guzara kia woh aik alag hi daastan hai.. per baqool meri walida ke wahan aisi koi khas baat nahi howi jis ke baais woh ghar mujhey acha lagta, siwaye is ke ke un ki sari ulaadain waheen paida hoween.., khair… 19th August 2005 woh din tha jab mein ne pehli bar apne us ghar ko dekha jahan meri walida ne apni zindagi ke 16 saal beeta diye.. pehli bar.., woh ghar kaheen aur nahi humarey recent ghar se aik gaali ke faasle per hai, per kabhi itefaaq nahi howa janey ka.., mere parents ne woh ghar waheen mojood aik family ko sale kia tha, un se meri walida ke 16 saal ke marasim itne gehre hain ke hum bhi un ko apne buzurg mante hain.. aur woh humey apne bachey, uncle ko hum Papa kehte hain aur aunty ko Moti Khala, and for the first time I met Moti Khala, and am simply inspired & impressed by the couple, they are loving..caring and supporting to everyone, especially aunty with uncle and uncle with aunty, they both are love birds! heh!, they are sweet.. aunty have some bharams : p, and uncle bear all those bharams.., in that building they own three flats, one is thier own which is on 2nd floor, thier elder son with his family is on 1st floor, and younger son with his family on 3rd floor, and all thier daughter in-laws take GREAT care of both of them.. Its simply a sweetest family with all love and supporting members which is very rare these days…

Mere walid ko bohut zyada hi shoq hai wooden furniture ko new new way mein bananey ka.. aur us ghar mein bhi mere walid ne apne shoq poore kiye they heh, aur jaise ke ghar chorte howe apna saman uthaya jata hai waisa kuch bhi meri family ne nahi kia, balke apna purana furniture waheen chor dia.. aur woh ab tak chal raha hai, uncle aunty wohi furniture use ker rahey hain.., cassette rack, cupboards, bed, show case, every single thing is same.. bus change howey to wahan ke makeen.. Standing there I felt mom working there and getting irritated by kids around her.. hehe!!, If I were at her place then I would have ran away LOL, its her stamina that she beared all those tensions and us (brothers, sisters:p) in a 2 rooms house, room to room woh bhi : ) heh! Hat Off to mom ; ), but One thing which is MOST important is.. that uncle aunty is living too, they have problems too, but the thing is they have MashaAllah MashaAllah a very supporting, caring, loving family with them, my mom was alone : ) she got scared.., I pray that Allah makes them more loving and caring, and may HE shower his blessing on them for ever and ever, and makes us like them too : ) (Ameen)

Bottom line is, Family full of support, care & love gives you strength to fight against problems…! If you are alone its very rare that you get success! but never lose hope : )

May Allah bless all of us (Ameen)
Allah Nigheban

!عادت ڈالو۔۔۔

اچھا ہے کہ تم بھی محبت کرنے لگے مگر
سنانے کی نہیں جناب! سننے کی عادت ڈالو

سوسکو تو بیشک دیکھو ہر رنگ کے خواب مگر
ان میں خالص حقیقت کو آزمانے کی عادت ڈالو

اپنی اپنی بلندی کا غرور تو لازمی ہے مگر
کسی کی نظروں سے کبھی گرنے کی عادت ڈالو

حیثیت کی اپنے نمائش ضرور کرتے رہو مگر
تماشہ بن جائو تو تالی بجانے کی عادت ڈالو

دشنموں کے تیور تو دیکھے ہے سب نے مگر
اپنوں کے بھی فریب کو جھیلنے کی عادت ڈالو

جی جی کے یہاں مرنے والے بے شمار لوگ ہیں مگر
مر مر کے زندگی جینے کی عادت ڈالو

-Poet Unknown

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