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Thalassemia Patient Issues with Hepatitis in Pakistan

FAiTh Patients & Parents representative Ayesha Mehmood discussing problems faced by #Thalassemia patients regarding hepatitis in event organized by Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Pakistan on World Hepatitis Day in Karachi.

Thank you so much خواجہ عبدامعز for the video.

Why we ask or talk about screening? Because still there are blood banks and thalassemia centers who are using substandard kits, there are patients we know who take blood from different blood banks due to rare blood group and unavailability of blood in their center, we believe it is our right to know about each and every thing regarding our disorder & treatment. So that we are aware of places / people involved in malpractices.

One thing we forgot to mention that centers are reluctant to register if a patient is diagnosed with hepatitis, our question is where such patients should go then? They must have got hepatitis from a blood bank or thalassemia center right? So why disown them?

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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – FAiTh – Patients & Parents Association

Objective:      Interactive Session For Thalassemia Patients & Parents
Speaker:         Dr. Usman Sheikh Consultant Hematologist Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi
Location:        Memon Professional Forum Exclusive Trade Centre, Plot No. 26-C, 4th Floor Rahat Commercial Lane 2, D.H.A Phase 6 Karachi
Date:               22-07-2018
Time:              10:30 AM – 1:30 PM


Dr Muhammad Usman, Ayesha Mehmood, Mona Mehmood, Asma Farooq, Mr Farooq, Amna Ilyas, Laraib Ilyas, Kiran Zahid, Attiya Kamran, Sehrish Ghafoor, Mrs Ghafoor, Zehra Sohail, Mrs Sohail, Samra, Mehwish Solangi, Ayesha Abbasi, Rehan Qadeer, Raza Ahmed, Abdul Moiz, Aurangzeb, Malik Adee, Shahid, Muhammad Shoaib, Jameel Ahmed, Abdul Rehman, Kulsoom, Urooj, Bakhtawar, Sundas, Kanwal, Idrees, Afifa, Shaheen Essani Rao, Ilyas Rao, Iqra, Ayesha, Mr Hameed Kath, Mrs Hameed Kath, Mr Khalid Bhambha, Mr Waseem Patel, Mr Arif, Mr Iqbal Gaba

Agenda Topic

  1. Interactive Session For Thalassemia Patients & Parents


  1. Event started with Tilawat e Quran
  2. Mr Khalid Bhambha briefed about Memon Professional Forum & its activities
  3. Miss Ayesha Mehmood gave a brief introduction of FAiTh – Patients & Parents Association
  4. Usman gave a short intro of thalassemia to audience, discussed with audience importance of blood transfusion & iron chelation, consequences of keeping low hemoglobin, issues with high ferritin, shared about dexascan, T2* MRI etc.
  5. Usman guided the patients regarding endocrine issues, diabetes, standard dose for their chelation, bone issues, liver, hepatitis, etc.
  6. Later on Dr. Usman answered the questions received from patients living out of city and the patients attending event.


More than 40 patients & parents attended the event; everyone got a chance to learn a lot, ask their questions and get their answers. The event was over after group photos and a plan to conduct such session once or twice in an year.

An Interactive Session For Thalassemia Patients & Parents

An Interactive Session For Thalassemia Patients & Parents was organized by FAiTh Patients & Parents Association in collaboration with Memon Professional Forum on 22nd July 2018 in Karachi.

Event was conducted by Dr Muhammad Usman Sheikh consultant hematologist Aga Khan University Hospital. The event was attended by thalassemia patients & their parents from different thalassemia centers.

The event gave a great chance to our thalassemia fellows to ask questions regarding their treatment openly to doctor.

We are really thankful to Dr Muhammad Usman Sheikh for his time, support and knowledge.

Picture courtesy: our great thalassemia fellow Raza Ahmed

Pictures : Click here 

Video : Click here