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World Blood Donor Day

14th June – World Blood Donor Day

Since the age of 6 months till today almost 700 people have helped save my life. I couldn’t have survived if these people wouldn’t have donate blood for me. These are my real life heroes!

We thalassemia majors need blood twice / thrice a month. We can’t survive if we don’t get blood. Thank you for being there. Thank you for donating blood for us. Thank you for being our live saver. Thank you so much to help save a life.

Just an humble request to all the blood donors out there.. You can visit thalassemia center, meet #thalassemia fellow and commit to be their blood donor so that you can be sure that a life is being saved from your donation. If even 12 people commit to a thalassemic he / she won’t have to worry much for blood each year. Do think about it.

Happy blood donors day to the real life heroes!

Give blood, share life.

Salman Mehmood aka skdev on Kaun Hoga Naujawanon Ka Wazeer e Azam

24 year old boy from Karachi Pakistan, Salman, was a thalassemia major patient just like any other patient who suffer from same disease.

The only thing which separate him is his cause. His objective was to create awareness of thalassemia in general public. He designed and programmed website which give complete information on thalassemia (www.thalassemia.com.pk), apart from this he also organized blood camps.

He had an aim to work on thalassemia awareness, to support fellow thalassemics, he had a dream of Thalassemia Free Pakistan.

He was dearest among his friends and relatives. On 19th October 2009 he passed away due to Meningitis. Although he is no longer among us, but his cause is now lead by his sister Ayesha Mehmoood (who is also thalassemia major) and his cause will keep him alive.

our website : http://www.thalassemia.com.pk
our page : https://www.facebook.com/FightAgainstThalassemia
our group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fight.Against.Thalassemia/

Salman :’) the one and only who pushed me to work for thalassemia cause.., his memories, efforts made me work for the cause day & night.. I can never claim that this cause has another founder.. I don’t even like to mention co-founder (need to in papers) because he was the only one who started this cause and this cause belongs to him and our #thalassemia fellows from all over Pakistan..

We all need to work for his dream of Thalassemia Free Pakistan.

Ayen mil ker banayen Thalassemia se mehfooz Pakistan..