& Atlast…..

Am crying.. Am crying just because of you…

Kabhi nahi sochta tha ke you will make me cry one day, I was so proud of you, I was depended on you.. I was looking for some words from you.. but! You didn’t come up to me.. theek hai I know it was mine mistake and you are thinking of my own good.. per you never ask me ke why am doing this? why am not listening to you? did ya ever ask me that? You just wanted ke mein app ki baat manon aur woh kaam na karon jo app nahi chahte.., have ya ever thought what is mine life? my family, you, and net.. kia app nahi jante? then why do you re-act like this!? you have gone far away from me.. have ya ever thought about me? mein kia karon geen app ke baghair!? Bolo! socha mere barey mein? mere konse 10/12 real friends hain ke mein un se baatain karon aur net per na aon? I DONT HAVE ANY REAL FRIEND! I told ya this many times, I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES OTHER THAN NET, I told ya this too na? but
you dont wanna listen, or understand me,, now you are ignoring my calls, sms.. WHY!!! am dieing to talk to you! but I think you dont care abt me anymore.. Fine!

Kehdo aik bar aker ke “Ayesha ayenda mujhey tang na karna” Then woh din last din hoga jab Ayesha app ko Bhai khaye gee.. Believe me..! I wont disturb u ever after that..

Bus Aik Ehsan Kardo, Aker Yeh Line Kehdo…!

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