Happy, Curious, Down……….

Who cares what goes around you? Do you? Nah.. No-one have spare time to peek in your life and try to understand you or give you some time.., I don’t know whats wrong with me tonight..
Maybe because am down, Maybe because am fedup, Or maybe because am an Idiot.. Who knows the truth?
Okay… Lets talk about the subject I gave, Am Happy because my logo has been selected and its On the site, Am Curious because.. I won’t tell you the reason : ) Its secret!, Down.. because am not feeling well : (, Busy because of damn exams I have to give in June…!

Oh, I forgot.. Am Angry too! Angry on myself.. Why the hell I always start studying in the end days..!?!?! Blah! What can I do about it now? Maybe I will cut down my activities in next exams? Thats ofcourse a hard task for me.. But why not give it a try?
Well, If I don’t remember this thing.. you better remind me about it! Maybe I will listen to you and do something about it..

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