My nephew is an actor ;P

My nephew’s line which made me laugh for hours..!!!

“Mera bag pack kerdo, Mein ghar chor ker ja raha hon”

Common Thinking: A filmi dialogue.., Right?

My nephew (Hammad) was complaining my mom that “you brought Ice-Cream for Mamoo & Khala, App ko mein yaad nahi aya? App log mujh se pyar nahi kerte, app chahte ho ke mein Ghar chor ker chala jaon?”

I just entered the hall for drinking water I heard him saying, There was a shopping bag filled with his old clothes His mother brought to give away was placed at Sewing Machine, I took that & I gave him & says “ja yaar ja”

After that, he brought a new toy and was playing around his mammo..Mammo scolded him that Bad mein khelena apne ghar ja kar, he didn’t stopped.. and mammo took the toy and throw it around the balcony.. Hammad took the toy and throw the toy outside the balcony..! came back sat on Sofa next to Mammo and said in a sad tune “Mein kabhi kabar tu khelta hon, Tum logon mujhey khelne bhi nahi dete, Mera bag pack kerdo mein ghar chor ker ja raha hon”
😐 😐 😐 6 years old kid giving a filmi dhamki!

I just love him!!! he made me laugh for hourssssssssssssss!!!

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