Blood Banks..

I was just watching another episode of Rangey Hath on GEO, it was on blood banks.., just like their first episode they opened the viewer’s eyes with a deadly truth.. Arfeen Mirza no doubt is a super genious girl, she has once again come up with the most important thing, which is already in Government’s eyes but it still needs a boost!

Many of us face such incidents that we have to go and buy blood for our uncle/aunty/brother/sister/mom/dad or anyone who need blood immediately, we don’t even check whether its right or its expired, we leave this thing on doctors to check the details..

The thing which is hidden in blood sticker can not be even seen by an expert doctors, in the episode they showed activities of 3 or 4 illegal blood banks which are situated in Karachi, & few doctors of Karachi.

No-one can think that doctors can be involved in such activities, but no-one can know anyone by his face too.., they showed the way they remove old sticker and put a new one with thier own blood bank name and with a new issue date of blood and expiry date :S they even change expire date :|! Horrible! this can take someone’s life, but who cares? they get 500+ for a bottle!, what else they want?, doctors are getting commission on giving the extra bottles they get from the patient’s family at operation time, they ask for 4 or 5 bottles and they use 2 or 3 in operation, 1 or 2 spare bottles are not given back to family but they store it and give it back to the blood banks and take money for it.. :S GosH! no-one can ever ever think so negative, but they are doing it!!, Government is taking action against them, Lets see what does the government do this time.

Friends, before taking blood from any blood bank PLEASE make sure that its a registered blood bank under government, And PLEASE people don’t play with other’s lives!

may Allah be always with all of you..
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

6 thoughts on “Blood Banks..”

  1. Very well done. Nice work.
    The awareness is a must, but I doubt any action, but I appreciate your work.

  2. Thanks Adeel

    I don’t doubt, I know they will take action :), Because after the 1st episode of Rangey Hath the Karachi Board was in big tension :)! So same will happen with these people! 😉

    *hugs back*

  3. Well the thing is that we have laws but we do not have a culture where people donate. We would donate blood if someone of our own family needed it or if there is some heartbreaking accident but we wont do it for the sake of helping the human community. I know many educated people who still believe that donating blood is risky for their health. I think if we promote a culture where people donate then we would be able to maintain the standards otherwise we will have to rely on the poor standards and criminal neglect.

  4. I totally agree with Danial, but someone must come forward to take step, but who? No-one have time for it.., Khair, we can only hope and pray 🙂

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