Few changes…

Once again there is something done by Salman for blog heh, so here I come with the credit for him : ), lets not be so mean ;p

First: My very own first blog is hosted by Salman, and the domain is also given by him : )

Second: Now I can write Urdu posts easily because of him, he has done a lot of changes in theme CSS Sheet, so now I can write Urdu most easily and it looks so great to have your own national language everywhere : )

Third: Now you can see the Time of my posts too : ) + there were few small small amendments he did.. Which are un-countable heh

Last but not the least: He has made comment system very beautifully! That it just looks like a corner of the site : )

There are many things he has done and doing for my blog online, offline… Thank you Salman!!!!, he is a professional webmaster and taking time out for my blog is like a big No No for a busy person, but its him who has never denied for any work I say heh! Thank you brother ; )!

May Allah always be with all of us..
Take Cares, Allah Nigheban

8 thoughts on “Few changes…”

  1. No doubt! Just like I said in one of my post

    living in your own home, city, country with your relatives and known person is like having a little heaven on earth : )

    Having a brother like Salman and mother like Ammi is a gifted heaven for me on earth!

    Thanks for appreciating!

  2. Can I ask you one thing. What is the present development status in making Blood subsitutes – A few days ago I blogged about Euro Blood subsitutes. they are still in research but is that a solution to Thalasemia, call me a little ignorant on the subject of thalasemia since I am a dentist!

  3. Thanks Teeth Maestro & Humaira

    Teeth Maestro: Brother me and Salman are trying to help more and more, we are trying to acknowledge as many people as we can, so don’t be formal asking anything, well, there is no substitutes, but as you said & as I know.. Many doctors are doing research and the latest I know is about Italy, they have found this therapy called “stem cell transplantation”, A friend of mine has taken his son to Italy for this therapy and till now we have got the news that the kid is 101% Alright (MashaAllah) and his RBC (Red Blood Cells) are increasing!!, That’s a great news for Thalassemics : ), I haven’t heard any other news or about substitutes

    Thanks once again Teeth Maestro & Humaira : )

  4. It is very reassuring to note some people are trying to share info about thalasemia. My 2 and 1/2 yr. old child was diagnosed just last week to have thalasemia. I feel devastated knowing about it, more so when I know it to be a congenital disease. I am a 44 year old mother of 4 from Philippines. This girl is my youngest. I really would like to seek help on how to manage this, if no cure at all, as treatment in the Philippines may not be that popular. I filed my leave of absence from the office just to give time and dedeication to my child with thalasemia.

  5. Hello Joy Angela!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your problem with me, I have sent an email to you, I hope you have got it..

    Take Cares, Bye!

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