Get a life losers!

Gosh, I can’t believe that someone can hack a blog too? What was my fault I still couldn’t find it.., as a routine work my brother checked his emails and he found a mail from his hosting company, saying “someone has tried to hacked this site of yours and if this happened again, then we will have to take some serious step regarding this, maybe we will have to terminate your account.” I really don’t understand that what the hackers get by doing these attempts? I am not discussing any political issue here, I am not against anyone, and we are not discussing Indo-Pak issue here, why the hell then I had to face this trouble?

Well, after looking into the matter, Salman had to delete the old files and upgrade the blog version for me.., the changes I made are not there anymore… the comment system has been gone too : (, I HATE YOU HACKERS!!!

I can’t even say anything to Salman now, he had done so many things for my blog and the minus point is that whatever he did, he did it online, he doesn’t even carry a copy of his work now : ( , am sowwie Salman, meri wajah se tumhey phir se mehnat kerni hogi : (, am sorry!, and these days Salman wont answer me too, because he had to complete his new project and he is too much busy… khair, jab hona hoga tab kaam hoga.. but still..

I Hate You Hackers!

7 thoughts on “Get a life losers!”

  1. ermm, i have fixed it (sort of), i dont know if it looks like the previous one, but i tried my level best and in 1-2 hours i guess thats good 😛


  2. YaY!!! thanks brother!!!, thanks alot!!, I can see one new feature there :|, Email this post to friend? WOW!!! you are superbbbbbbb!! thankssssssssssss :>

  3. Asma: Sister Am really looking for them :\ they should get shot!!

    Shirazi: Thank you brother :), I have added yours in Blogroll!

  4. you know what “Hacker” term is considered as bad as the term “Jihad”,that is ppl don`t know the meaning:P
    for you , in simple words, hackers means “programmers”

    i wonder why one would hack ur site?maybe salman`s girl friend asked someone elst to hack his server?:P
    don`t curse hackers, I`m one of them:>

  5. Adnan Siddiqi: Programmers never mess with other’s program :S if they do Sue them! I hate hackers :p and if you are one of them and you also mess with other’s site or program then I hate you too :P!

    Kidddddddddddddddding 🙂

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