Me n my studies..!

Asalaam o Alaikum All

Hmmmm Sister Asma made me open secrets and secrets by tagging me… Well like Sister Asma said in Tagging Post that I am kiddo, and I must be in matric.. So there’s no doubt many people must be thinking same… because I said I was in class 5th in 2000 so I must be a matriculate in 2005, but am done with 1st year (Inter) exams and studying for 2nd year…so many would be like What? Well the story is “ajeeb o ghareeb” the school where I had to repeat a class will allow jumping classes? It’s a big No No!!

So its like my schooling as always been an issue, I had to change 2 schools before my real school, first 2 were near our house and my mother was thinking just to give me a base so that I can move easily afterwards, but she was wrong : (, and I faced trouble.. but I adjusted well in both schools and in the last I was a best student, on the base of my good grades they gave me admission, I was in Safiyiah Girls High School (Near City Court, Karachi), every year I was securing position from 1st to 3rd then came the year 1999 and we were supposed to leave for India, it was the time when I was about to give my class 5th exams, but the treatment was important so we left for India and came back after 3 months, new batch was there, and my fellow classmates were in class 6th, we tried hard to get admission but as 5th is like base of secondary education so they didn’t took me and gave me admission in 5th, that was the time when I got totally fed-up with studies, how I studied 5th then 6th then 7th I don’t know, I didn’t secure any grade I took 5th position in class 5th & 6th and I was careless about everything and then in class 7th begging I skipped school for more than 1 month, teachers were calling me and I was like NO MORE STUDIES!!! The lose of one year made me burst out… a0nd I skipped 7th and 8th… then Salman’s tutor asked me to study 8th’s mathematics at home so I can study matric easily after that, I studied for 2 or 3 months then I goes like “no no no no no more studies!!!”, then wasting one whole year my family started motivating me (by giving LOTS of taunts like “you will be called illiterate”, “humey kia, tumhara future hai”) so finally I decided to study for 9th in last three months before exams and how it went just don’t ask, I was sure that I will get 2 or 3 “F”, and I told everyone if I get 1, 2 or any F then I wont study more.. and then came my result which told me that Ayesha you have been the most na-laiq girl on this earth, I got “C” and was told my family that I better study for Matric now… I studied for matric and got “C” again and this year I gave 1st year (Inter) exams and unlike 9th & 10th they went MashaAllah very great! And now expecting “B” : D heh!, well the repeat of 5th was to make my base it didn’t made my base but it took me away from studies, it took away my grades : ( it made me go lower not higher.. khair what ever happens, happens for a reason, right? So lets not mourn over the past and lets hope and work for present & future : ), Be Positive

Unlike others I haven’t enjoyed my school time, nor college’s, because I don’t go daily, its like once in a blue moon I go to college : p, am not interested to waste time going because teachers doesn’t take classes as they should (it’s a government college) and the environment there is “cheapest” so if anyone would ask anytime about my school or college it would be like “Better don’t ask”, khair I was sent to get education and my parents think that I have studied well even going through different troubles and phrases..

Best thing I love about me or my school or my college is that I have always secured best student place and obedient student place! And my teachers have always given me a place in their heart , even today I would love to go and meet my teachers specially my school teachers! And they love me a lot ! I do visit them twice or thrice every year : )! And they love the thing most about me is that I haven’t stopped studying : )! I have great influence of my teachers! They are sooo soooo ShweeeT!!!! I will always admire them !

I think this is enough : p

Take Cares, Allah Nigh-e-baan!

7 thoughts on “Me n my studies..!

  1. Hey Ayesha. Hope you are doing fine, li’l sis!

    Most Govt. colleges are like that, yes but all of them are not like so. My college life was the most awesomest .. better than my school/uni life 😀 SO I’m lucky I guess. I was in GDSC, Malir Cantt, btw.
    And great to know you are expecting great grades this year. Best of luck!!


  2. Alhamdulillah am doing great, and I hope same for you.

    Well yeah I don’t say that every Government college is like this, but mostly are :), you are lucky! 🙂
    Thanks for the wishes!! And its pleasure having your link in my favorite blog list 😉

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

  3. Thanks Brother Qadeer, I do blog in urdu but mostly its like in Roman Urdu or English :$ I will try to write more and more in Urdu InshaAllah, I did checked yours but it hangs or something like slow down the whole IE.. InshaAllah I will check it now and will give comments too :), No! Am just 2nd year student (Inter arts)

  4. Assalamaolaykum w..w!!

    Great story of ur studies 🙂

    But still you are kiddo .. actually its so fun to say every younger one kiddo 🙂

    Oh … my prayers with you that u get a very good A+ grade inshah Allah!!

    And at bro. qadeer … bhai ayesha’s narrating her story to 2nd yr and u r making her a doc .. she can be a homepathic one in sec. yr i guess 😀

    Best wishes and prayers

  5. Walaikum as Salaam.

    I wish yeh story hoti 🙁 per yeh haqeeqat hai ;P!!, yeah am still kiddo for elders and specially for my maaaaaaaaaaAAA!!, thanks for the prayers! I really need them, result bus aney hi wala hai :p

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz 🙂

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