Gumm – AXIS The Band

Gumm hoon kahan
Dunya se mein khafa
Yeh ratein chalti rahein
Aur subhein bujhti rahein
Dum mera ghut ta raha
Aur sansein jalti rahein..

Tou aaooooooooo chor do paraya jahan
Key koi nahi hai tumhara yahan
Ajnabi yeh jahan… kyoun yahan ho tum

Zindagi veeraan hai
Key har saans ek azaaab hai
Nafratein milti rahein
Khuwahishein marti rahein
Dum mera ghuta raha
Aur sansein jalti rahein..

Key tungg aa gaye hein is zindagi se humm
Key thukra na dein jahan ko be-dili se hummm
Ajnabi yeh jahan… kyoun yahan ho tum

Hooo hoo hooooooooooooo
Hooo hoooo oooooooo ooo

Gummm hooon kahaan….

This track is a Debut track of the upcoming Band AXIS, You can download it from here 🙂


Saahir bhai Zindabaad

Tang aa chuke hain kashmakash-e-zindagi se hum.
Thukara na dein jahan ko kahin be-dili se hum.

Maayusi-e-maal-e-mohhabat na puchhiye,
Apano se pesh aayen hain begaangi se hum.

Lo aaj hum ne tod diya rishta-e-ummeed.
Lo ab kabhii gila na karenge kisi se hum.

Ubharenge baar baar abhi dil ke val-vale,
Mana ke dab gayen hain gham-e-zindagi se hum.

‘gar zindagi mein mil gayen ittefaq se,
puchhenge apna haal teri bebasi se hum.

Allah re fareb-e-masahiiyat ke aaj tak,
Duniya ke zulm sehate rahe khamoshi se hum.

Hum gham-zada hain, laaye kahan se khushi ke geet,
Denge vahi jo payange is zindagi se hum.


Farigh insaan ke mashgalay

Aaj kal main bara farigh hoon aur Shehzad roy ke ganay sun raha hoon, uska naya album “Buri Baat Hay..” aik dum anth hay, agar abhee tak suna naheen to ab sun lo here is the link.

the best song in this album agar mujh se poocha jaaye to its Yaad..
mujhay ayesha ne bataya ke yeh Parveen Shakir ki ghazal hay jissay Shehzad roy ne gungunaya hay.. to bhai kia ANTH gungunaya hay..

iska aur song Navy, aaj tak Navy ke baray main specifically koi song naheen gaya gia tha isliye yeh song aik exception ban ke samnay aaya hay aur maano na maano I really love this song..

Aik song Shola.. Aha kia song hay.. jo mujhay samajh main aaya woh kuch yeh hay ke yeh song un loagon keliye hay jo 17-18 saal ke dauraan opposite gender ki taraf infatuation ya attraction ko love kahte hain.. its too tight.. aur mujhay apna zamana yaad aagaya lol

aur Aankhain toooooooo aankhain hain.. inko sapnay na do.. wah jee wah kia baat hay yeh bhee kisi ki ghazal hay waise.. kiski pata naheen per Sooooper hay

aur aapne indian film koi aap sa ka trailor to dekha hee hoga.. indians main lagta hay saree sharm-o-haya khatam hogayee hay.. i mean whats that “he is not my friend, he is not EVEN my husband.. but he is father of my son” WHAT THE HELL,
and iske ilawa Salaam-Namaste urgh why do they involve muslims in such stupid ideas? i mean they could have used christian girl WHY MUSLIM!!

Geo pe The Message dekhee bohat sukoon mila dekh ke.. ayesha kahtee hay ke yeh ghalat hay aur hamain naheen dekhnee chahiye.. phir shayad hamain No Entry dekhnee chahiye.. lol

films aur songs ke ilawa mere paas koi kaam naheen thats explains the title
farigh insaan ke mashgalay..

ab yeh mat poochna ke yeh sab maine Roman urdu main kion likha hay kionke har banday ke apnay preferences hotay hain.. so i prefer roman urdu.. takay win98 walay aqalmand bhee meree poori post parh ke apnay precious panch se das minute zaya kar sakain..

yeh post likhne main mera bhee bohat time zaya howa.. magar main aaj kal farigh hon to mujhay to koi fark naheen parta lol

blah blah introduction ki zaroorat mehsoos howee to do teen maheene baad dedoonga.. filhaal keliye Bye bye

Take Cares if you want to.. i really dont care about it,
Allah Hafiz

Just a few words…

7 days ago, on 8th October the most deadly earth-quake attacked too many cities of Pakistan and Kashmir, and from that day I couldn’t write a single post about the earth-quake or anything, because I cant write, yeah I cant because I don’t have words, I don’t have single word to express the feelings, my heart has been bleeding, I have been reading newspaper, watching TV, reading online blogs about the earth-quake, but I cant come up with some words to write on my own blog.. Because it’s the feelings no-one, yeah no-one can share or tell, today after checking my week old mails I found a use-full email to share with you guys, I just have one dua that may Allah rest the departed souls in peace, bless the surviving souls, may he bless us, forgives our sins, and always let all of us remain in his hifz-o-aman.. *Ameen*

It’s time to Help!
Please do not ignore this message…
Help the victims of Earthquake

Many options available for you to help

  1. Please drop a check of Rs 150/- crossed to “Edhi Welfare Trust” to any TCS counter or any Edhi centre counter.
    This amount will be used to provide KAFAN to victims of quake.
  2. Contribute Rs 10 + Tax to the Mobilink Earthquake Relief Fund by sending a blank SMS to 180
  3. President’s Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims – 2005
  4. Donate for Earthquake victims – through Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (MKRF)
  5. Donate via any Credit Cards / Debit Cards or UBL Net Banking
  6. Donate Rs. 3/= per SMS towards MKRF Relief Fund SMS the word DONATE to 436 Each SMS cost Rs. 3/= + taxes Send as many SMS as you can.
    This is a joint effort by GEO, Mobilink and Ufone
  7. Donate used clothes, warm clothes, medicines, dry food items
    or donate whatever you can to any trusted booths near your premises.
  8. Forward this message to your friends, relatives, colleagues.

This will be a great support from your side.

These are the VERY Required items that you can send to PAF Museum:
1. Syringes
2. Drips
3. Antibiotics (Generation 2 and 3)
4. Candles
5. Ropes
6. Tents
7. Disposable X-ray machines
8. Small generators
9. Fuel
10. Tin food
11. Small sized milk packs. No powder milk. They dont have utensils to prepare that.
12. Biscuits
13. Torches
14. Coffins
15. Masks for volunteers
16. Small bottles of mineral water
AND MUCH MUCH MORE…………………………….

Pack these items properly and write down the names of the items on the box contains. It will be a great help…………

Please dont send Atta, Rice, Pulses, Onions. They cannot cook that. They want prepared food.

They need light (torch, generators, candles) b/c in nights there is complete darkness.

Do what u can……………………..

Give what u can afford…………………………

People need ur help

Hundreds of Orphan kids are waiting for someone …………………….

Adopt any one kid if u can afford or provoke others to do that…………………………..

Humanity is crying and looking towards u……………………………

Courtesy: Zaroon – A Yahoo Group!

Everyone from my family, my friends are donating and visiting affected areas to help the nation, may Allah accept our good deeds and gives us hidayaat to do more and more for our Muslims brothers and sisters. (Ameen)

-Friends my net friend Ayesha died this morning after fighting against Brain Tumor for 5/6 months, please pray for her soul and her family, may Allah rest her soul in peace and gives her family strength to bear this big lose. (Ameen)

-One more thing, my brother has been ill from 2 weeks, although he is much better than before now, but still needs lots of prayers.

Take Good Care of yourself…
Allah Nigh-e-Baan