Finally am here :)

Asalaam o Alaikum All…

At last! After 26 days am writing a new post… 26 days… a big time… how it went, what I did, why I didn’t write? For all those questions I will need 5 posts and lots of time to write, but as I am not using net that much these days nor am feeling okay to sit on in front of my love (Pc of course) so I will write less and will tell you everything, how it went? Well after recovery of Salman he is doing MashaAllah great! What I did? Hmmmm am taking care of Salman medicine, my own medicine and of my own very good health, because of Salman I almost ignored myself and faced weakness just after Eid, from 2nd days of Eid I fell ill, fever weakness and etc etc, so am under observation of doctors too, they are doing many tests on me :p but as am ‘dheet’ so nothing happens to me 😉 MashaAllah se :p so because of weakness and busy days I couldn’t write any post, but as everything is getting back to normal so am getting back to my love too heh, so here I am!!!

Friends my result has came and I have cleared 5 papers, but 1 paper is either in ‘F’ or ‘A’, am waiting for my mark-sheet, am too much sad because of that one single paper, as far as I know it’s ‘A’ because of some misunderstanding during exams, my seat wasn’t found in the room and they made few girls including me to sit in the corridor and give paper and except one girl all of other girls including me has cleared 5 papers so am praying to Allah that it comes ‘A’ so I can claim for my paper otherwise its my bad-luck and am feeling baddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! I can’t stand an ‘F’

Well except that my new blog is under construction, as Salman was making my new blog so it needs some days to get completed, am waiting for my new blog ;p, nothing else left to tell friends…

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

8 thoughts on “Finally am here :)”

  1. May Allah give u both brother sister a good healthy life with full of happiness 🙂

    By the way according to me ur effort counts instead of result 🙂 so don’t be upset atleast u gain knowledge this matters a lot 🙂

  2. assalam o alaykum dear making a lte start … i mean commenting on all posts that i missed 🙂

    Well, you shud tak are of urself too … good that salman’s doing better now, may allah bless ya with fullest of health shhifa and very long life … A grade inshah alah inshah allah u’ll get that 🙂

    Stay cool and happy!


  3. Walaikum as Salaam Sister Asma, thanks for the concern sister 🙂 am taking of myself too, Ameen to your prayers and my mark-sheet has came i have to go and get it, lets pray for the best…

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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