Hammad – My one and only nephew!

Thursday the 1st December around 7:20 am, an scooter hit Hammad while he was crossing the street for our house, family took him to hospital and after 2 hours he was back to home with plaster on his left leg, he is only 7 years old and MashaAllah he have a big stamina, he didn’t even cried or yelled, and right now also he is watching television and enjoying his time as much as he can, MashaAllah he is being very funny, and facing this accident very bravely without complaining… he even tease Khala, Mamo, Nani, Nana and whole family with making faces and telling jokes, you cant even tell that this is the same Hammad who had an accident yesterday, May Allah bless him!, he is having a great time with us, watching television, playing with markers, playing with Mamo’s laptop, singing and chatting with whole family, this makes us feel that he is MashaAllah very well and he is not having any trouble, well the guy who was riding bike was caught and forgiven on one condition that he will never ever ride the bike, because he has been doing rough driving and has been doing stunts on road, taking out silencer and looking at girls in area, so his family has made promise that they will not let him ride the bike…

Remember Hammad in your prayers, I will post his picture soon 🙂

Take Cares, Allah Nigh-e-Baan

11 thoughts on “Hammad – My one and only nephew!”

  1. Thanks Allah he is safe.

    I remember that when I had accident at age 7,8 I enjoyed it very much.Everyone brought something for me to eat, my bottle was always full of juices and coke. Being Ladla is a great thing 🙂

  2. Insha Allah he will be perfectly alright in few days.. and really he didn’t even remember the pain just playing watching tv its great 🙂

  3. Alhamdulilah your nephew is safe and sound and he sounds like a real brave kid mashallah sey. May Allah (SWT) grant him a speedy recovery!

  4. WiseSabre: well thats true, you get all you want but yaar aisa kisi ke sath na ho 🙂 itna active bacha MashaAllah se, ab humari support se uthta bethta hai, khair doctors have said that they will remove the plaster on 8th! 🙂

    Junaid: InshaAllah, ameen to your prayers.

    S.E: Ameen to you prayers :), he doesnt only sound, he is indeed a brave kid MashaAllah se :)!

    Woh kehte hai na ke jab Allah Tala app ko kisi aazmaish mein dalta hai to us ke liye himmat/taqat bhi dey deta hai :)!

  5. Assalam o alaykum w.w.!

    Ohhh chotuuu baby … my love for him … Thanks to Allah that he’s safe … do post some of his pix … y havent u till now:O *Angry face* 🙂


  6. Walaikum as Salaam, yep Thanks to Allah that he is now running and playing around on his feets :)! well I will InshaAllah InshaAllah post them in a day or two 🙂

    Allah Hafiz!

  7. There is nothing wrong in looking at girls, especially when he is not harming anyone. From this boys attitude, I guess he needs a outlet like sports venue or something else, which is so hard to found in Pakistan.

    Your nephew is a nice guy. I wish him all the (:-))).

  8. Maria: Yeah, that’s true there is nothing wrong in looking at girls but only when you are not harming ANYONE, and this guy just needs attention and by doing stunts he has gain alot of attention, and am sorry to say that this guy is a laymer and has been doing such accidents in the past, few days ago police caught him and has beaten him alot and took 25K for the bail, he has beaten a guy in Ramadan who got paralyzed… I think he deserve this…

  9. Hello Dear! Sorry for Late Comments. Anyway how is he now. Umeed hay k hum sub ke duaon aur Allah k fazal-o-karam say ab to theek ho gya hoga. Aur mujhay lagta hay k wo hay bhee bohat cute, tabhee to usko kisi ke nazar lagee hogee.

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