-name: Ayesha Mehmood
-single or taken: Single
-sex: Female
-birthday: 8th December 1987
-siblings: 3 including me
-shoe size: Never noticed that…
-height: Around 5’3 or 5’4

. r . e . l . a . t . i . o . n . s . h . i . p . s .
-who are your best or really close friends?: Umair bhai and my mom!!
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: Computer/No/Computer 😀
f. a . s . h . i . o . n . s . t . u . f . f .
-where is your favorite place to shop: nothing specific, its like Kabhi bhi Kaheen bhi 🙂
-any tattoos or piercing: No

s . p . e . c . i . f . i . c . s .
-do you do drugs?: yeah, Chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :p
-what kind of shampoo do you use?: Normal one.. for all hairs
-what are you most scared of?: Am scared of losing my dear ones..
-who is the last person that called you?: My friend M
-where do you want to get married?: Nothing specific
-how many buddies are online right now?: Around 15
-what would you change about yourself?: My temperament

f . a . v . o . r . i . t . e . s .
-color: White, black, baby pink, green and blue
-food: Biryani, fish, chicken…. Kuch bhi jo mom banaye aur apne hathon se khilaye :p (mom ab tak apne hathon se khilati hain :D)
-boys names: Ibrahim, Saad and Salman
-girls names: Alizey and Eeman
-subjects in school: Urdu, Islamic Studies and Islamiat
-hobbies: Painting, chatting, listening to music, playing with photo shop and blogging…

h . a . v . e . y . o . u . e . v e . r .
-given anyone a bath?: Nopes
-smoked: Tried once.. :p
-bungee jumped?: No
-skinny dipped?: Whats that?
-ever been in love?: Hmmmm I guess yes ;p
-made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: ahh! I have an automatic system fixed in myself that whenever I get into a trouble I start crying automatically 😀
-cried when someone died?: Yep, last time I cried 7 years ago when my elder brother Nauman died…
-lied: Hmm a lot of time
-fallen for your best friend?: Never! Made them fell for me :p
-been rejected?: Never
-rejected someone?: Not yet ;p hona hai reject? :p
-used someone?: Hmm yes, jab mujhey koi baat manwani hoti hai dad se I use Salman, aur jab mujhey Salman se koi baat manwani hoti hai I use mom for that ;P hon na chalaak 😀

. c . u . r . r . e . n . t .
-clothes: Our national dress
-music: Jhuki Jhuki by Shiraz Uppal
-make-up: Nothing
-annoyance: Nah..
-smell: In Time deodorant
-desktop picture: Blank
-book you’re reading: None
-in cd player: Nothing
-in DVD player: Mitti 😀
-color of toenails: Ergh! Enuff :p

l . a . s . t . p . e . r . s . o . n .
-you touched: Moi maaaaaaaa!
-hugged: Hammad
-you yelled at: I guess at Salman for something he asked and I was having asthma attack that time
-you kissed: Hammad

. a . r . e . y . o . u .
-understanding: I guess yes
-open-minded: Hmm lil bit
-insecure: 5% 🙂
-interesting: Nah, I guess am a boring person
-random: Nopes
-hungry: :p yep
-smart: Ask my friends about this
-moody: Uff! Just don’t ask about this :p am too much moody!
-hard working: Hmmm whatever I do I do best in that and I complete that… so yes I am..
-organized: Not that much
-healthy with eating: Hmm nah, I just eat what maa cook :p
-shy: 2% ;p
-difficult: Ahh well for my mom I am, for my friends am not 🙁
-attractive: Again ask my friends about this…
-bored easily: Hmmm lil bit
-messy: Noo! I hate mess!
-obsessed: Yep

. r . a . n . d . o . m .
-In the morning i am: Lazy ;p
-love is: something that cant be express in words
-i dream about: Thalassemia’s cure

. o . p . p . o . s . i . t . e . s . e . x .
-what do you notice first: hmmmm nothing :\
-last person you slow danced with: 😐 No-one!
-makes you laugh the most: Umair bhai!
-makes you smile: Umair bhai!
-who do you have a crush on: haww sab bata don :P?
-who has a crush on you: lol! How would I know?

. d . o . y . o u . e . v . e . r .
-sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?: yes, I wait for Umair bhai ;p
-wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: well yes, but that when I was very young :p because I wanted to be free-bird like Salman who never had to do house-chore lol… but now I want to be a girl bus!!
-wish you were younger: yeah… but whoz old here :P? am ishtill young :p
-cried because someone said something mean to you?: yep, hell lots of time..

n . u . m . b . e . r .
-of times i have had my heart broken: 0
-of hearts i have broken: many I guess.. mostly Umair bhai’s and my family member’s 🙁
-of girls I’ve kissed: NONE :@
-seriously kissed? NONE!
-of states i have lived in: hmm only 1 but that’s not a states… I lived 3 months in Chennai, India, and 29 days in Saudia…
-of tight friends: 2
-of cds i own: 0
-scars on my body: 0

. f . i . n . a . l . q . u . e . s . t . i . o . n . s .
-do you like filling these out?: well I liked it in the starting but it got annoying in the end :\
-gold or silver: gold
-what was the last film you saw at the movies?: Bunty And Bubli
-favorite cartoon/anime?: Tom and jerry and those new baby loony tunes shows
-what did you have for breakfast this morning?: raat ka bacha howa salaan and tandoor ki roti YummY!
-who would you love being locked in a room with?: my computer!! 😀
-could you live without your computer?: Noo!
-would you color your hair?: Nah
-could you ever get off the computer?: well only if my maa yell at me 😛
-habla espanol?: whats that :\
-how many people are on your buddy list?: more than 200

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