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  1. Asma: 🙂 yep the last two pictures are taken when the plaster was taken off and he is standing on his feets, MashaAllah now he can walk, run, and he is feeling Alhamdulillah very well :)!


    اج کل کہاں کیبل نہیں ہے؟ ویسے وہ جو ٹی وی اپ دیکھ رہے ہیں وہ ہمارے گھر میں ہے، حماد اپنے گھر میں صرف کارٹون دیکھتا ہے! :)۔
  2. S.E.: Yep! its always nice to see children enjoying :), and thanks alot for concern sister ;p, btw konse Tags :S mein ne aik to kerdia ab konsa baki hai? do tell me :p

  3. LOL:D the 7 things one! check my blog. Plus with ref to this comment:

    ” but there is one thing you cant write abt openly :p do i need to tell ya abt it 😛 its a relation LoL 😀 or you can write abt it :P?”

    I think you WILL need to tell me. Meree tubelight bohot dair say jaltee hai:D

  4. Taggggggggggg!!! ergh! its Tag Season! :p will post soon…

    S.E. lol, selfishness!! sirf aik baat janne ke liye comments post karing warna nahi karti hawwwwwwww!! ;p well its about “looooowve affairs, personal relationship, or you can say about life-partner” :p now tell me can ya write abt it :p hain hain, bolo bolo, tell tell 😛

  5. May you enjoy happy and presperious life …..

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