Asalaam o Alaikum…

Yay!! I enjoyed my Eid this year, enjoyed very much MashaAllah!, we don’t do qurbani, we give hissa in Edhi OR Alamgeer, we are doing it from years, so its like staying at home, receiving meat and meeting guests every Eid, and that’s what was going to happen this Eid too, but it didn’t.. How? Let me tell you 🙂

Stayed up all chand raat, waited for mamo and his family, met them, and got to know that have to attend a dinner at mamo’s home, did lunch, offered Zohar and slept for 3 hours, woke up and started getting ready, left home at 7:45 pm, went to mamo’s home, met everyone, did dinner and was coming back when cousins insisted to make us stay for a day…first said no… left for home in cousin’s car, but then my cousin took us back with him on our wish that we don’t want to ruin’s everyone mood 🙂 and I think we did right, it made everyone happy :)!!!

Had a cup of tea, stayed up till 2:30, did chit-chat with cousins till 2:30, slept and woke up at 5:30, offered Fajr, did breakfast, watches some qurbanis… did lunch, slept for 3 hours, woke up, had tea and cake, then left for home with mamo mami…

Came back, served some guests, talked to sister, nephew, and mom!! Had dinner and slept…

It was great trip over-all!!

Did I tell you that we stayed at mamo’s home after 5 years?

It was awesome!!, I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

6 thoughts on “Woah!”

  1. salam!
    its good to take care of poors and send them meat but dont you know that it is Sunnah or maybe in Quran too to atleast taste the meat of Qurbani?i think there is logic that Allah divided it in three parts?i think you should ask some imam about it.you may give part of it to edhi or whomever you believe but there should be atleast One qurbani at home which you can taste your self

  2. Walaikum as Salaam, I have asked someone… and what he told me is…that if you do qurbani that is great, but if you give it to Edhi or anyone, that is more great!, and yeah we get hissa of the qurbani too…. so I guess its okay… 🙂

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

  3. As long as you are getting yourself and eating yourself,then fine but if you don`t eat meat of qurbani then such qurbani isn`t appreciated as its said that Qurabni is like a party from Allah to His followers and if one doesn`t accept such party then Hes not liked by God:)

  4. Asslam o alaykum w.w.!

    Oh great … seems like u enjoyed loy … well staying at some one’s place one ina while in years maybe 🙂 and when all family is together chatting on so much issues in family … u feel like enjoying and u feel like refreshing … 🙂

    Belated eid mubarik!!

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