Something for mommmmmmmmmmm!

How does it feel when you buy something for your mom or for your home?

For me it’s great! I bought a Black n Decker’s Juicer and WestPoint Chopper for my mom 🙂

We had Moulinex from ages and now mom wanted new machines because the old were getting expired, and finally we got two brand new machines :>

Well, I went to buy microwave oven for sister and got these two with us on our way back to home ehe, its really fun when u don’t have to pay from your pockets 😛 and get all things you wanted from years ;p okay let me tell you about the money thingie, actually my dad gave my sister his Credit Card to buy Microwave and suddenly I said, dad I want Juicer and Chopper, he said okay, buy what-ever you want and we bought Microwave, Juicer & Chopper with Dad Credit Card aha! And now most Funniest thing 😉 I signed on the place of my dad ahahaha!! ITS AMAZING!!!


I had a lovely evening 🙂

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

4 thoughts on “Something for mommmmmmmmmmm!”

  1. congrats! getting something for your mom n dad is really a wonderful feelin! i got my dad a mobile phone recently and seein the look on his face was worth it!

    im sure your mom must be super happy!

  2. Oh great 🙂

    So your mom must be really happy to see the gals bringing such good things (who cares abt whose pocket right :P)

    well using new gadgets is always a nice feeling … especially when someone else buys them for you 😀

    Take carez!!

  3. Adnan: SuRe! visit us some day 😀

    Mansoor: True, pheley jab parents latey they bachon ke liye to bachey khushi se phooley nahi samate they and parents were happy because kids were happy, but ab woh time hai jab bachey dete hain and make their parents proud of them :)!

    Asma: Oh she is MashaAllah very very happy! 🙂 and its awesome when you dont have to care about money 😛

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