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First news: Laptop theek hogayaaaaaaaaa 😀 kia howa tha yeh nahi pochna, chalen poch rahey hain to bata deti hon, mabadaulat ne thori si ketchup khila di thi keyboard ko, phir bechara laptop confuse howa ke yeh kia cheez hai, confuse hote hote fuse hogaya 😀 aur ab mabadaulat ka laptop wapis agaya hai.. sab kuch sahi ho ke hehe

Second news: Exjade has been released in UAE, it was released in UAE 2 months ago, but the results are Awesome, so now its available in market.., Lets see when Pakistan going to release it! 3 cheerz to the Thalassemics!

Courtesy by: Gulfnews.Com!

Sisters (from left) Abeer, 21, Ameenah, 13, and Alanoud, 16, who all have thalassemia, hope to benefit from the new drug Exjade.

Sisters (from left) Abeer, 21, Ameenah, 13, and Alanoud, 16, who all have thalassemia, hope to benefit from the new drug Exjade.

‘Magical drug’ brings cheer to thalassemia sufferers
By Daniel Bardsley, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Thalassemia sufferers and their parents have welcomed a new drug that is set to transform the lives of hundreds of patients in the UAE.

People taking Exjade will no longer have to spend 50 hours a week or more being pumped with a drug to rid their systems of excess iron.

Instead, they will just have to dissolve the new drug in water or fruit juice and drink it before breakfast.

The drug was released in the UAE two months ago at Shaikh Khalifa Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi and in a few days’ time it will be offered to patients at the Thalassemia Centre in Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai.

UAE national Abeer Khalaf, 21, a Zayed University student who along with her two sisters has thalassemia, said: “This drug is a great thing. It’s better than injecting, with injecting you have to do it 10 hours a day. I will be much happier for sure with this.”

People with thalassemia which is particularly common in the UAE cannot produce enough haemoglobin and need regular blood transfusions, but these have the side-effect of overloading the bloodstream with iron.

Up to now, each patient has had to remove the excess during five to seven sessions a week using a pump attached to the abdomen, with each session lasting up to 12 hours. Dr Essam Dohair from the Thalassemia Centre in Dubai said using the pump was “horrible.”

He added: “If it’s a once-a-day medication, something that just has to be drunk, then it’s magic it’s unbelievable.”

Exjade, which was approved by the Federal Drug Administration in the United States last year and is available in the UAE on general prescription release, is suitable for those aged two upwards.

Dr Mohammad Hussain, GCC product manager for the drug’s producer Novartis Oncology, said he expected all patients in the UAE would be able to take it, although it is more expensive than the pump method. The cost of treatment for UAE nationals is covered by the state. In the UAE there is a huge number of patients receiving the previous medication, he said.

Much easier

Yesterday dozens of young patients at the Thalassemia Centre in Dubai and their parents were treated to a day out at Ski Dubai to celebrate the launch of the new drug.

Among them was Majid Salim Eisa, 38, a national government employee, who said thanks to the new treatment life would be “much, much better” for his five-year-old daughter Hessa, who has thalassemia.

“It has been a big weight on her shoulders up to now. This will make things a lot easier for her,” he said.

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