i dont know….


I dont know if i have done wrong or right, but whatever i did was just for u.., and if it worked like the way we have thought then it gonna be the best solution for ur life.. i wish Allah like our struggle, accepts our struggle and bless you with the best of his blessings *ameen*, we wont be getting any profit or loss but just one thing if you are happy we are happy if u are sad we are rest-less!, dont take me wrong sweet-heart… i doesnt wanna hurt u 🙁 but it hurts when i see something going wrong with u and u cant do anything, we cant see u jumping in a blind-well…when we can do something and save u..then we will do it, no matter what happens… I hope everything goes right for u and for everyone…

hoping for best…


am loving it!

Happy Birthdayyyyyyy Umair Bhaiiiiiiii! May you have a long, happy, healthy life 🙂 ameeen! And may u always be there with me in my bad and good times :)! you have been my support, my strength! Keep rocking bro! ;)!

“Good friends are like stars…you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” Just Like You Umair Bhai!!!!!!

Am in love with this blog’s new look :$ Thanks again to Salman for this lovely layout, he is still working on it through..

let see what you guys think about this new look 🙂

I went to this Mela arranged by Positive Group in PAF (Pakistan Air Force) Museum for 23rd March (Pakistan Day)… small, nice and family type Mela… after a longggggg time I went to some mela 😀

Take cares, Allah Hafiz 🙂


Personally I think blind cricket team is better than this team… :\ and we should support them… and they should have been sent to World Cup instead of this idiotic team… khair… I had interest in cricket long time ago but not now…

Bob Woolmer died… sad.. very sad…!

Nothing else to say… Oh yes! One thing… I have seen many people saying bad things to country because of losing matches and all, but what has cricket to do with the whole country? Stop hating country because of such a small thing :@


Asalaam o Alaikum friends…

what i need is a favor from you guys… actually many people has added me in their blogroll and many has changed their urls and many wants to be added in mine blogroll… i have received several links in the comments box… but what i want now is that please post your active link in the comment box of this post so i can gather and add them 🙂

and yeah, a link back to my site will be appreciated..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz 🙂

Qadeer bhai: will write the tag soon :)!
Asma sis: I had to skip that Hand-Writing Tag because i don’t have any of my old books 🙂 sorry!