Strange Wishes.. (Ajeeb Khuwishaat..)


I wanna go to sea side, sit there all alone for hours n hours..

I wanna smoke *thats bad, but to take out frustration?*

I wanna buy lots n lots of Chicks (Choozey)

I wanna have a special friend who can listen to me for hours and hours and who doesn’t complains about me being weird…

I wanna go to Gaddani Beach (Will post its pictures)

I wanna sit all alone thinking about my future for hours and hours…

I wanna yell!

I wanna run away..

I wanna remove my past from my life..

I wanna remove random thoughts about different n weird stuffs from my mind..

I wanna stop thinking about my future…

I wanna stop being sad, depress…

I wanna stop my mood swings..

I wanna change my past, present and future..

I wanna make my future myself!

I don’t know its my mind giving me weird things to think… I wanna stop thinkinggggggg!

lets surprise anyone today…

When you haven’t gone to doctor for yourself but for someone else such as brother/sister/mother/father and when doctor sees you as a patient, his/her reaction ‘TUM!? woh bhi as a patient? (You!? and that also like a patient?)’ lol…! loved it…

Going to the doctor for Salman, telling him about Salman’s problems, his medicines has been a routine but sitting on the patient’s chair was another experience I had yesterday..

Unexpectedly mine calcium level dropped at 4.8 (whatever it is called) and I was advised to see my doctor as soon as possible.. and after listening the problem and the calcium level doctor was like ‘aaaaan itna low? (huh, so low) and after getting a list of 2 tablets + 1 injection + appointment with another of my doctor I was advised to leave (A) Lovely!

When I went to take the appointment with another doctor I was told that the earliest I can get is of 21st June, I asked the appointment guy if I can talk to doctor personally and I was guided to the Doctor’s Room (cool!), after waiting 20 minutes I was talking to doctor and after listening and getting surprised that I have never taken any tablet for Calcium, she gives me a list of 4/5 Blood Test and 2 tablets (ergh..) and asked me to show the reports to her as soon as possible…

erm.. ergh.. grrr… Okay after all this experiences am telling you this thing that…


3 tablets, 1 injection, 4/5 tests.. BLaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!

/me runs away!