Strange Wishes.. (Ajeeb Khuwishaat..)


I wanna go to sea side, sit there all alone for hours n hours..

I wanna smoke *thats bad, but to take out frustration?*

I wanna buy lots n lots of Chicks (Choozey)

I wanna have a special friend who can listen to me for hours and hours and who doesn’t complains about me being weird…

I wanna go to Gaddani Beach (Will post its pictures)

I wanna sit all alone thinking about my future for hours and hours…

I wanna yell!

I wanna run away..

I wanna remove my past from my life..

I wanna remove random thoughts about different n weird stuffs from my mind..

I wanna stop thinking about my future…

I wanna stop being sad, depress…

I wanna stop my mood swings..

I wanna change my past, present and future..

I wanna make my future myself!

I don’t know its my mind giving me weird things to think… I wanna stop thinkinggggggg!

9 thoughts on “Strange Wishes.. (Ajeeb Khuwishaat..)”

  1. Hmm.. Ajeeb Khuwahishaat.
    Well.. First… I think you should sleep a lill early and wake up early morning. That will help you alot.. promise.
    Next.. take all your medicines on time. Its been too long you haven’t been through ur routine checkups. So get these all done and inform us about the reports too. We all love you here. And are always praying for ur good health and peace of mind. Love You!

  2. Hi sis!

    I have visited your blog after month or so and i am happy to see you posting regularly.
    Keep it going.

    btw smoking is really bad so dont u ever think about it…

  3. Hello Ayesha,

    I am Ayesha as well, I was at work a little bored and thought I would google my name just to see what would come up! So wow, imagine to my surprise how many Ayesha’s popped up….but the wierdest thing is how much I feel what you feel, and my thoughts are not far fetch from yours. It makes me wonder(okay here I go thinking, over and beyond the galaxies) how much does the name mean, does it mold our character, why do I feel that we share the same thoughts. Is it only because of your name? I know I have no idea who you are and you no idea who I. But why do I feel that I understand, where you are coming from…Eerie huh! Ohwell just a thought you can respond back if you want…if not it was just a thought!

  4. Hi Ayesha,

    I’m Ayesha too, not sure if you got the last message. If you did ignore this one it is just a test page. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t recieve a conformation so I don’t know if it went through.

  5. Okay last one….test page, wondering if I will recieve conformation..if first too actually went through ignore this one. I know I’m just a little wierd. I don’t know why I wouldn’t recieve a conformation.

  6. everyone gets such weird thoughts so no need to feel bad about it….aur behan don’t go for smoking ever….it isn’t going to help u in neway….wud bring in more problems!

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