when world seems dark.. you are all alone.. people looking at you for few words of hope or tasali (watever u call it), looking forward at you for help.. to give them strength.. and inside you are frighten of the future.. you dont know yourself what is going to happen.. and all of a sudden your brain + heart show u a way, you throw all the things in that way.. and feel relax.. do you know what way is it? Allah’s way.. yeah.. i left everything on him when there was no-one, except mom and me.. and yes of course Allah.. i left everything on Allah and let him decide our future.. and today am happy on my decision.. Alhamdulillah he has blessed before too and this time too he has blessed my family, he has showered his blessing like before…. Salman was taken to emergency on 20th September because of leg pain.. and all of a sudden leg pain turned into worst nightmare, and we saw a repeat telecast of Salman’s previous problem.. which he had in 2005.. but this time doctor were more worried.. but Allah has taken us out of danger once again Thanks Alot!! :)!! cant really cant thank him my whole life…

Keep remembering my family in your prayers..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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  1. hi i wish u all da best n true allah is the one that wen he decided to do smthng no other power can change the happening god bless u:)

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