6 months…


Dad, its been 6 months you have left this world… left us… dad I wish I could tell you that how much we need you… how much we love you… dad… I wish you were here then this world wouldn’t have been rude with us… dad, attitudes has been changed after you… dad why you left us alone? Didn’t you know it won’t be easy for us to survive? Dad just do us a favor… please pray from us… please dad… we were rude with you many times… we argued with you many times… dad do me another favor… please please forgive us…. but dad do pray for us…. we need prayers dad!! We need them badly…!!

8 thoughts on “6 months…”

  1. Dear Ayesha..i feel wott ur going thru rite now…2years and i still havnt recovered from my father’s passing away..the funny thing is i guess we never recover we just tend to forget it randomly..the only way u can help him do well in Jannah(Insha’allah) is by doing good deeds and prove to none but urself that ur indeed a proud daughter…your father’s daughter…may Allah bless your dad in Jannah…Ameen

  2. Life goes on mate. You and I all have to die. Stop having self pity and make the best of what you have. I lost my mother in my early teens and haven’t “recovered” since, but that’s something you have to learn to deal and get over with.

  3. Awww … Allah will never fail you dear. Keep your faith strong on him … the prayers of your dad WILL reach you …!

    You need to be strong and brave …. and Allah will help you in becoming so …!

    **Zaur zaur say hugs**

  4. i dont know my comment will get posted or not.. any ways… Hr rast USI ZAT ki trf jata ha… Agr kuch kho danay say WO HAMEN APNAY KREEB KR LAY TU is sy bri INAYAT KUCH NAHI.. ROTAY bcha apni maan ki trf dakhta ha.. Tu kbhi kbhi WO bi hmen rulata ha ta k hum US ki trf aen or US ka piar pa sken.. i know this…akher ko WO hemn str maon say ziada piar krta ha…

  5. Assalamu alaikum,

    Dear Ayesha,

    This life that we are leading, is nothing but a ‘waiting room’ of a railway station… Is ru – e – zameen par hamaara aana, Allah ta’ala ki marzi aur hamara imtehaan hai… Aapke waalid mohtaram ka duniya se parda farmaana toh Allah ki marzi thi… Allah aapke vaalid e mohtaram ki maghfirat farmaaye…aur aapko is duniya e faani ke imtehaan mein kaamiyaab farmaye…

    I really liked ur posts… It is one of those few blogs where i got to see some urdu stuff written in the posts… I will certainly look forward 2 visit ur blog more often… 🙂

    U can visit my blog as well… Its http://www.thekhan.wordpress.com . Although, my posts are not as impressive as urz, u can caertainly try having a look at it once 🙂

    The loss of ur dad perhaps is unpatchable… If possible, kindly accept this ‘nobody’as ur frend…

    Salamz and regards,

  6. Allah unhe Jannat-e-Firdaus naseeb kare and May Allah give u and ur family the strength to go on.Ameen.

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