Asalaam o Alaikum

hehe, after keeping questions in mail box from many days I finally filled them last night :p now you guys can see my interview here.. no not here.. here.. oho!! –> here 😀 hehehe!

Feed back is my blog-food, kindly do send food for my poor little blog 😛

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

11 thoughts on “Interview…!”

  1. Hey Ayesha.

    Thanks for mentioning me in the interview. Very nice of you :).

    Your message for the readers was very touching.

    Much love,

  2. As salam o alikum
    I read you interview… I don’t know much about this blog stuff.. But, I really what to appreciate your bravery. Your answers were truly very practical.. Or might be like the way I want to read.. But you did not mention your gloomiest day… I was curious to know that… May ALLAH help and bless you..

  3. As salam o alikum.. Today I had a time to go through most of the articles you have written.. It was a pleasure reading, and another thing what I felt that is you like to write too much things about yourself. Please dont mind that, first I dont know much about these blogs, but really, ALLAH will help you, so dont write in a manner that people feel sympathy on you.. I hope you will not mind this…ALLAH hafiz, The space and the medium is favourable for this kind of message, but there is no other way.. ok all the best ALLAH hafiz

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