Thalassemia ? Marriage ? Children ?


Okay after my last post… many friends asked me about *ahem ahem*, they were like you are hiding something and stuff, and few friends asked about Thalassemia Major and their marriages…, so I thought to write a post about it… here it is:

About Ahem Ahem: there is no one, yeah… am single but just like any other mother my mother is concerned about my marriage and blah blah… so one thing cleared… now moving to Thalassemia Major and their marriages

There was a time when it was said a Thalassemic can’t live till 18 years old, but it has been proved wrong : ) and am glad me and Salman are the examples of this thing, me being 20 years old and Salman being 22 years old MashaAllah.

Many friends ask me about Thalassemia and life with Thalassemia, and I keep telling them Thalassemic life is like any other human being’s life, nothing different… they live, they eat, they drink, they walk, they sleep, they are human being! Just they have to be careful about their treatment, that’s it….

If you maintain your health you can live up to 40 / 50 years…

One day a friend asked me, are you not scared of death? You are ill you must be scared na?, I didn’t want to be harsh but I said ‘do you know when you going to die? Do you know the time and day your life gonna end?’ when a normal doesn’t know about his/her life then what is the difference between us and them? Nothing : ) yeaah nothing! Even an illiterate would understand this…

Marriage is like bit of issue whether its for a Thalassemic or a normal person, but marriage for Thalassemic is possible, they can marry any normal person (blood test is required before marrying), live a normal life and even can have babies! Whats the difference remained now? Once again nothing!

Thalassemic just have to take proper care, proper treatment and awareness about the disease, then they can easily beat any other normal person : )

Am quoting some related information about Thalassemia Marriage and Children from Thalassemia.Com.Pk

Do thalassemics necessarily have thalassemic children?
No. Usually their children will be healthy, but it does depend on who they marry.
Figure 8 shows that if a thalassemic marries a “normal”, all the children will be healthy carriers. They must inherit a thalassemia gene from their thalassemia parent, and they must inherit a normal one from the normal parent, so none of them can possibly have thalassemia major.

Figure 9 shows that if a thalassemic marries a thalassemic carrier, in each pregnancy there is a 50 % chance that the child will be thalassemic, and a 50 % chance that it will be a healthy carrier. This is quite a common situation, since thalassemia carriers sometimes have a special understanding for people with thalassemia major. Then they have to choose whether to use parental diagnosis or not.

Figure 10 shows that is one thalassemic marries another, all their children will be thalassemics. This situation arises sometimes too, because thalassemics have so much in common, they often feel particularly close to each other. When it does happen, they usually decide not to have any children. but in the future, if it becomes possible to correct thalassemia by genetic engineering, it could become possible even for such couples to have their own, healthy children.

It depend on us how we take things, how we look at things, the famous line: glass is half empty or half full : )? All we have to become positive and optimistic then we can achieve anything… that’s what I have learnt so far…, your views change positive into negative, negative into positive, its you who can make a difference in you and in the world… so when you starting to make a difference in yourself?

Your question/query is welcome… I would love to answer any question you want to ask about Thalassemia or about my life : )

Who is sending proposal after reading all the information ;)? Lol kidding!

Take cares, Allah Hafiz

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  1. Hey Ayesha!!
    This one’s really good..loved it..very informative…
    and yes about a positive attitude and being optimistic, u r very right, i agree with u totally on that!
    way to go gal 😉

  2. heyyy ashooo!!!
    loved your post, and loved your answers to the people that treat any other human being as some ALIEN!! i simply hate it myself..!! I truely think ( absolutely sure ) that you are one of the best person i’ve met in the internet world:)just keep doing what you’re doing and be safe and HEALTHY!!:D i loveeeeee u ashoooooooo
    WILL YOU MARRY ME ??:P ( jokkee )
    jokes apart :p abt the marriage thingyy tell your mom to hurry up and look for a guy for, i need to take revengeeee from you.. and call him names.. lol.khehehe!!!
    Keep Writing,
    Allah HaFIz!!!

  3. Yes Thats true ! We need to think practically and these different scenerios really help anyones doubts they have in mind. well done sister! =)

  4. Dear Ayesha

    May Allah give you and salman longer life and both of you get married and enjoy it. And thanks for such informative article.

  5. Spreading the knowledge is an awesome thing to do. 🙂 Good work.

    Apart of that I kept on roaming to Salman’s thalassemia website, he showed it to me a couple of times while it was being made and when it was done, I think. But I just read skims of an article and I find it nice the work he has done. MashAllah. May God bless the both of you. Aamin.

  6. nice post ayesha, very informative for those who are concerned about their life and all…

    awareness is a must, so keep spreading it.

    Love u
    God Bless U

    Billo rani kaho toh abhi jaan de don? :p

  7. As salam o alikum
    Ayesha, may ALLAH bless you with more courage and determination. Ameen…
    Hard to say anything on this topic…

  8. very nice. this is the thing that ppl should know about. i ve personally seen thalasemic mothers with normal children. plus another thing. the life expectancy is wel beyond 18 yrs now. with timely trnasfusin and regular iron chelation treatment (desferal l1 and asunra) the life expectancy has increased upto 30 o average basis. see the problem is even if blood is regularly tranfused the complience for iron chelation has always been a prblem. desferal has to be used 5 nights a week wid infusion of 8 to 12 hrs. L1 has its severe side effects like joint pain and decreased white blood cell.asunra is a new drug and is a once a day treatment for iron chelation effective as desferal and safe as compared to L1. and one more thing thalasemic pt is not like any other person.he or she is far more brave then the rest, see Allah always gives sumthing more to His loved ones but He also puts em in a test. i believe that a patient is always close to Allah and Allah is always wid em plz forgive me as being a doctor i mite ve used sum harsh words for which i m sorry.

  9. Good work Ayesha! Cheers!!!

    Even i am Thalassemia Major and i am 28 years old so old beliefs regarding Thalassemia is base less.

    If we take proper treatments then we are normal only.

  10. My marriage aint workin … M a thal major after 6yrs of college affair we got married n nw after a year of marriage m having an extra marital affair n my wife knows about it nw … She has moved out but nw me n my new love r thinking to tie the knot … M in a mess .. Most of the times frgt to take L1 skippin my chelation… Damn … N on top of it my wife has nt askd fr the divorce as yet .. hv nokids othrwise more dip shit … Help me out !!!!!!

  11. Like your post and I am a normal lady who had an affair of 7 years, and then married to thal major whom I loved a lot. Have one baby boy who is normal , but now my husband expired who was 32 years and it has been 2months, loved your post that thalassemia are also human beings and they are not at all different.

  12. AOA this is me sana nasir from fsd age 26yrs THELLASAEMIA MAJOR.DONE MY BCOM AND NOW RUNNING MY OWN BLOOD FOUNDATION IN WHICH WE PROVIDE FREE OF COST BLOOD SERVECIS IN MAJOR CITIES OF PAKISTAN and running to NGOs MASHAALLAH .sooo glad to hear about u and proud to b a thellasaemiac coz i hv the same story welll i am soooo proud that GOD give us strength to fight with such a dreadful disease but wo kehte ha na ALLAH insan ko jb kisi mshkil mai dalta ha to phle asani de deta ha. ALHAMDULLiLLAH SO PROUD TO HV SCH a BEUTIFUL and CARING family and soooooo blessed TO hv such a loving CZNS,FRNDS AND MY LOVING BROTHERS.BUT i h a question and wanted to ask from mam

  13. Hyeee ayesha love to see ur post i dont know whonu r and from were u belong mu name is waseem syed and i am from
    Bahrain i am also a thalassemia major patient and i love my life sooo much bec just bec of this i am here on this position I challenged my self that i am better then normal person i can do anything and my will power is sooo strong that i am now successful in my life any one who wants information or anything regarding thalassemia treatment or any iron relase medication can contact me (

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