07/08/2007 – 07/08/2008


One year has passed without dad… how… that I really can’t tell… or describe the phases we saw after him… how we got treated…. how we survived… how people changed themselves….

One whole year taught me many new things, made me ruder… more brave… more mean… and yes… more ill-mannered, dad this world has made me learn many new things… which I am not proud of…, when I go out with mom after you to get things done and when people behave like they are some superior creatures I simply started hating them…. The way they speak, they behave makes me hate them more, makes me teaching them a lesson….

And this is what I have been doing since 1 year…. I have been to many offices after dad for different works, government offices, private offices and many others…. And yes… I have become sweet with sweet, rude with rude….

And all because of dad’s departure from this mean world… now I know dad why you hated them….

May Allah give you the highest place in heaven… and strength to us for surviving…! Ameen..!

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  1. I know this world is full of selfish and rude people and someone is lucky if he finds a nice friend. That’s why I am teaching my wife and kids to live without me. I am training them for each and every single stuff and reminding them nobody will come forward to help you except yourself.
    God may have taken your dad away to show you different world and make you brave. I hope in couple of years you will be a successful woman because of your hard work and patience. God bless you and your family.

  2. When i sit in front of this screen, every day, and think, why am i so honored by the god’s grace to have fried like it, which will listen to me, work with me, help me and never let me do wrong things.

    For many years, i think, i have been to talking to it. Explained my self with no worries of some one’s laugh or lets say, some ones sarcasm.

    Life, for me, is a story. A story of a soul that has its destiny set by Allah Him self. But this soul, knows it, recognizes it, but why? I ask my self every day, why i don’t just put that extra effort in their.

    There are many things that now i have decided to do, cause, i just want to do. It keeps me happy and bring that smile for a little while, before , before those thoughts come again.

    I write on your blog today, my friend. The way you talk to it, is one thing we might have common.

    When i started my blog, it become some thing i never destined it for. But yes, yes its true, there is some one who is the planner of planners and better planner than any one else.

    I would not offer you my sympathy nor empathy as no one, no one, knows how it feels, but let me just say, He is the one who will give you money and test you with it, give you success and test you with it and then for some he will test with poverty and difficulty and failure.

    When i thought why me, you know, I realized it was easy to fail and not to know that you have failed with the success and the money you might have, but its difficult to fail and easy to know with the difficult and poverty and failures that you might have. He will just open your heart and tell you, fight in the name of your Lord and face difficulties and hardship in the way of your Lord, so he may put you to the destiny he promised.

  3. At this point in time, I can feel what u must have gone thru on losing someone u loved so much….
    Thats how it is in this world and it reminds me of the theory ‘survival of the fittest’.One has to be strong to survive and never lose hope. Allah is Most Gracious, He knows best.
    Following up on ur dua, May Allah give him the highest place in Jannat and the strenghth to u and everyone who has lost someone dear, to go on.. Ameen.

  4. i basically came to on this blog from kurri’s to see the 8 peculiar things. read this post. I dont know what to say. you have survived 1year… so u are brave. hope God gives u the strength to carry on :)… sorry if this post seems like an intrusion. and i hope u do post the peculiar things hehe

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