Setting an example for others…!

Ahmedabad: On 26/7, Mahesh Trivedi was a busy man. Till 2 am, he was managing things at Red Cross as people, many first-timers, rushed in to donate blood for the blast victims.

But, his real mission in life is tackling thalassemia and exhorting people to donate blood. Gregarious and blessed with a hearty sense of humour, the honorary secretary of Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad, is a popular man and this helps him spread his message.

“Before getting married, couples should first take a thalassemia test. If both are thalassemia minor, the girl should tie a rakhi to the boy instead of them exchanging rings,” he joked recently while addressing students of MG Science College. His light take on the grave subject had the youngsters in splits, but would also have led them to ponder.

Trivedi, 69, who retired as controller of examination of an Industrial Training Institute (ITI), delivers at least 90 lectures a year in schools and colleges in the state.

“I have been associated with Red Cross since 1969. After retirement, I decided to work full-time ,” says the man who doesn’t believe in wasting a moment.

Red Cross recently launched a project to prevent birth of thalassemia major children by 2020 in collaboration with Ahmedabad district panchayat. The idea is to eradicate thalassemia from the state. Trivedi is playing a major role in the project, the key to which is raising awareness levels.

This year, Ahmedabad Red Cross celebrates the silver jubilee of its blood transfusion services for those afflicted with thalassemia. So far, it has adopted more than 700 thalassemia major children. They are provided blood without replacement, free blood transfusions and oral tablets. And, if any child is in trouble , it’s Trivedi who is contacted.

“This kind of devotion is rare. Others are inspired by him because he sets an example by his own actions . He’s the right man to promote blood donation, as he has himself donated 117 times,” says Mukesh Patel, president of Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad.

Courtesy by: The Times of India

2 thoughts on “Setting an example for others…!”

  1. Salam Ayesha!
    I just found your blog– it is so admirable what you are doing for people with thalassemia. You sound like such a strong person, mA. I will keep checking up on your blog and inshaAllah can learn more about you!!!
    -Mahwish from USA

  2. Now that is what i call serving the humanity, he’s doing an awesome job. We need more such people around.
    Ayesha keep up the good work (Y)

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