2nd Ramadan after dad.., just after frying something few days ago I looked at mom and asked “mom its 2nd ramadan after dad, why I don’t remember any about 1st ramadan?” mom was quiet and so was sister, and suddenly I had a flashback… our 1st ramadan was spent in hospital, we spent 19 rozay in hospital, Salman was in severe condition, from Emergency to Private Ward, from Private Ward to Special Care Unit, then to Private Ward and then coming to home, every single moment was so busy, so hard to pass….

I remember that day, when doctor told us that they have to shift Salman from Private to Special Care Unit, me and mom were the only people who stayed with Salman 24/7, time has to pass, morning turned into afternoon and afternoon into evening and then at night, we were still in Private, doctor sent the message that they need to shift, we were having dinner, left everything and I went outside to meet doctor, and I was literally trying to convince doctor to change his decision, we had never seen Special Care Unit, and we were scared, but that was written, Salman was shifted to Special Care Unit, he was inside the ward and we were sitting outside in waiting area, attendant wasn’t allowed to be with the patient inside the ward, we were allowed only for 5 mints.

Time has to pass, and everything is on our be loving Allah, HE healed Salman, HE cured Salman, and we were back to home 🙂

That was 1st Ramadan after dad.., felt so many responsibilities on my shoulder, I still remember after convincing doctor and getting his answer I waited outside Salman’s room and made myself easy so that I can break the shifting news to mom and Salman, how hard was to control tears and talk to mamo (mom’s brother) and tell him about shifting, how hard was to walk from corridor to corridor while shifting…, that very moment I badly wished for an elder brother or dad to be our side.. but what Allah has chosen no one knows 🙂

All is good if the end is good… so end is good Alhamdulillah…, but memories 🙂 they hurts….!!!!!!!

~Yaad e maazi azab hai Ya Rab
Cheen le mujh se hafza mera…!

Please please please remember my family in your prayers

may Allah be with all of us, may HE give us long, healthy, happy and peaceful life *ameen*

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

8 thoughts on “Memories..!”

  1. After reading this blog, I cried Ayesha.. thank you for making me realise the importance of my parents in my life:)

  2. u noe the same thin happened wid me a couple of years back … guess i can understand wat u thought nd might hav done .. jus wanna say stay kool nd u noe dat ur dad loved u … so do watever u can for him nd make him proud nd to wat he wanted you to do .. peace out

  3. Memories…to be always etched on our minds…good to be cherished and bad ones to haunt us..
    May Allah give you strength and everyone who has lost someone near and dear to go on and may Allah keep us all under His protection, Ameen

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