Life and its never ending issues.
Life and its never ending problems.
Life and its never ending troubles.
Life and its never ending wishes.
Life and its never ending hopes.
Life and its never ending sighs.

What am I upto? nothing nothing at all, my life is keeping me so busy that I don’t even use pc much, if I do then I don’t get time to write blog, I don’t feel like, am too busy with life and its issues, and family

I don’t want to complain, never… but am bit sad with Allah, I even know people will tell me to wait and watch, I even know HE will bless me with bestest thing in future, I even know all I have to do is wait, but this wait seems so long… problems seems so hard to bear, even I know HE doesn’t give those problem which HIS people can’t bear… I even know this worldly problem is better than Akhrat’s (here after life) but I don’t know why am being so impatient…?

Pray… Please pray for me n my family


Take cares, Allah Hafiz

3 thoughts on “Life?”

  1. It’s not just you. We are all a bit impatient in life. With so many grievances pointing towards Allah Almighty but he’s so kind dear. I’m sure with every tear … he may be writing so many blessings with a smile for us. Never loose faith on prayers. They eventually comes back to you.

    Hugs and love … prayers always !

  2. We all have our share of joy and happiness in life, nothing is perfect except Allah. I know its easier said than done but don’t be impatient and never lose hope and faith. Always remember Allah knows better. May Allah give us all the strength to go on and to accept that which we cannot change. Ameen

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