Birthday, Eid, Etc!

Okay we have got the Invitation for the Blood Camp here!


8th December: Happy birthday to me, yeah.. I turned 21 this year… aaa! time flies for sure!, it seems like dreaming!, I really want my bachpan back! khair
9th December: Eid! okay yea it was Eid, kind of busy and all, nothing special, just been ill for few weeks (heh yea.. Weeeeeeks!)
25th December: Today! feeling alright for sure!, looking forward to attend my cousin’s wedding tonight inshaAllah!

That was just update date wise.. now some random stuff..

These days I really wanted those care free days of childhood… I really want my bachpan back.. getting tired… frustrated… irritated… and what not? I feel so older than my age… am in love with many songs, they keep coming into my mind one by one… and most favorite and that shows the true feelings of mine is Woh Kaghaz Ki Kashti by Jagjit… yeah! it tells my true feelings!!!!!.

November + December both have been kind of losing month, lol… loosing as in electronic appliances, just don’t ask… first one of our split got ill and we have to get it changed, just after that our microwave’s circuit thingie got burn, then our second split got ill (still have to buy new :/), then fridge, then water dispenser and how can I forgot Salman’s Pc!? oh yea.. computer’s motherboard is refusing to work and that also in Eid Holidays :@ and we have to send it to the warranty, its still there, my pc given to Salman, and just few days ago Salman’s LCD stopped working *can i swear here please?, ok nevermind*, then I have give mine LCD to him, Salman’s LCD gone for repairing….

GRM! yeah.. we were like we have some short of bad months *although no one from our family thinks like (we had a bad day, we had a bad week) no.. we don’t think like that but all these happenings wasn’t pleasant too…* but then just after our thinking we got another issues, like Electricity ? Gas ? (yeah we have gas loadshedding too) and yeah last night I saw the news there is some Water shortage in Karachi *yay welcome to stone-age, I won’t say welcome to village because village do get Water* ;p

So it tells that whole city is having Manhoos time ;d LOL 😀 *okay sorry*

TRYING to work on few things (as in Blood Camp, ApniISP and DaCoolSite) but still TRYING!

That’s all for now? lets leave something for next post too..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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