Me & my experiences..!

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Sometimes I feel we are living in a village, we shifted to this new place an year ago, and since then we are facing lots of Internet problem!

Firstly we got to know that the PTCL cables are fiber optics one and we can’t get any DSL connection except PTCL, we applied for it..

Experience with PTCL wasn’t good, they installed the device, tried their level best to make it work but it couldn’t work… and in the end they ask us to terminate the account, but one thing we got to know is that PTCL lines are not fiber optics one 😛 they are copper!

So as quick as possible I signed up for Multinet, but tell you what..? Something is really bad with our fate, just after 3 months Multinet sent a letter saying that they are closing their services from Garden area, GOD! where should we go now?

No option left, signed up for LINKdotNET, since September 2008 we haven’t received any bill :/ and service.. ah! don’t ask!, all these 6 months they messed our phone lines, kept on making splitter work and service keeps on getting disconnected without any reason, and when I call guess what they ask me to do?

Me: it isn’t working since last night.. it keeps on disconnecting..
Guy: Ma`am, please take the splitter out and check again..
Me: uh? if I would take out splitter then how would I use telephone?
Guy: ma`am your previous complaints were about splitter.. so just to make sure I want you to take it out and check.
Me: Sir! services is synced not d-synced so that means PTCL line and Splitter both are working a-okay.. so why the hell should I take out splitter?

This was just a trailer, I have talked to lots of nuts like this above.

And finally after thinking we decided to give World Call a try!, signed up for World Call EVDO on 24th Feb and 25th Feb the guy came and show us demo, we signed up.. and now its working..

Now I hope World Call doesn’t give us pain in neck!

Any review about World Call EVDO?

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention about Yateem Wateen!, you can read my experience with Yateem Wateen here!

Am evil! 😉

8 thoughts on “Me & my experiences..!”

  1. you should have tried maxcom… I have been using maxcom from last 1 year.. n just loving it!!!

    secondly I am also using Wi-Tribe an upcoming wimax company on a trial basis…

    trust me it has broken all the records… non-stop extra ordinary speed with no disconnections…
    so far its working so good for me and I am already luvin it!!

    Let’s see which one gets a kick!!!

  2. hahahaha………. mere sath be aisa he hua hai…….. would u believe i bought wateen on 25 jun 2009 and after proceeding from 2single to 1 and then 0 i refund it having my internet usage zeroo.. on 7 july i gave them back…… and now its 28 Aug m still crying for my money :(:(::(:(:( wateen is really yateeeeeeeeeeeeeem!!!!!!!!

  3. Jingoist: we don’t have maxcom here, am in contact with their sales department but still they haven’t started their services in our area

    Shahzad: LOL, which city? I kept calling their helpline, kept yelling then a lady from Karachi branch name “Fabia” called and help me out.. she made the refund easy. I guess you should do the same 😛

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