1 year 7 months..!


I feel like a kid waiting for his/her dad to get back home from office..
I feel like a kid lost in a crowd…

Its been 1 year 7 months since dad left us…

I always had this fear of losing dear ones.. I still have.. after brother I never thought we will lose anyone.. but its all in Allah’s hand.. and we all have to return to HIM one day.. but I don’t know why … why I don’t want any of my dear ones to go… I accept we all have to die and go back to Allah.. I accept the fact that this world is not real.. its fake.. and world here after is real and we have live there for forever…

But still…

Just after dad’s death we heard that some of his old colleagues have died just after some days.., just after 5 days we heard that dad’s closest and childhood friend died.. his friend was missing dad alot.. he wasn’t accepting dad’s death…, I still don’t believe that I have lost my father… I still don’t believe…

I couldn’t make myself accept this fact that he is no more with us.. I couldn’t even cry… I didn’t know where all my tears went.., all I was doing was looking for my dad everywhere…everywhere I go, everywhere I sit.. on my dad’s friend death I cried alot…! and prayed lots of time that please Allah don’t! don’t take any dear ones from me or from anyone now..

But then… its all in HIS hands..

prayers needed

5 thoughts on “1 year 7 months..!”

  1. hey my ancient friend!

    i don’t know what to say. It seems everyone is sad around me and it makes me further sad.

  2. jo hamare saath hota hai hame accept karna padhta hai chaahe woh sach kitna bhi taklif deta ho !! so dnt feel sad !! hamesha apne Dad ki maghfirat ke liye dua karte raho!!

  3. hamare saath jo hota hai hame accept karna hota hai chaahe woh sach kitna bhi taklif deta ho! so dnt feel sad!! apne Dad ki maghfirat ke liye hamesha dua karte raho !!

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